The LA Film School Programs of Study

The LA Film School programs are well-rounded, but how well do they stack up?

Besides the film making courses, this film production school also counts Computer Animation and Game Production amongst the Programs they offer.

The school has had the past 12 years to perfect a curriculum that includes just 4 Programs. This School has never tried to be anything but a Film Production, Computer Animation and Game production school.

Their lengthy experience in such a small number of diciplines would account for a curriculum I found to be uncluttered, intensive, and relevent.

But the LA Film School programs of study don't match those of USC (University of Souther California), UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) or AFI (American Film Institute). I am leaving those schools and their kind out of the comparison equation.

That would be like comparing trade schools to Academic schools. More on the differences between the 4 year, degree-granting programs at UCLA, USC, etc. and the Nationally accredited, skill-granting programs at the LA Film School later on.

Those 3 Film Schools are top level schools and don't belong in a comparison with the quality of the programs that the LA Film School offers. A degree from any of these 3 schools is one of the most accepted, recognized and respected documents in the world.

But not actually that much more expensive. Comparable to the NY Film Academy Tuition Prices.

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Programs Of Study at the Los Angeles Film School

Associate of Science in Film

Despite the LA film school having a reputation of easy acceptance, the Film Program is the most popular. There are whispers that they might even put a cap on student enrolment.

I've had students from last term (2010) tell me that they shared a classroom with as many as 28 people. It's too many and it's hurting the school's reputation.

Look out in 2011. They might actually start turning away quite a few applications to students wanting to attend any of the LA film school programs. Might.

Money or Reputation Growth? We'll know soon see which way they go.

In the Associate of Science in Film Program you'll learn Cinematography, Directing, Producing, Creative Writing, Editing, Sound Design, Lighting for Film and Video, Production Design, and more.

From digital video to 16mm, 35mm, and HD, it's an education that teaches you what it takes to create a movie from the ground up.

You'll be awarded an associate of Science degree. For some reason many people were under the impression that this course was a bachelors degree but it is just an Associate's Degree.

Associate of Science in Game Production

You will be introduced to game theory and asked to create an engaging game experience using the conventional game mechanics of the industry.

I think that's the first day.

They will often put you into teams to compete against each other. The rules are: make a game that will get your project green-lit by one of the many industry people who will see your final product.

If your work has any balls then you'll get seen. No matter what anyone tells you about the LA Film School, they will give you the skills to complete a project. They will also try to send your project down every avenue it needs to go.

They make a pint of teaching you not just how to design an interactive game but teach you how the interactive entertainment industry works and the way the game is played on the business end of things.

Same rules no matter what you are. If you can hand over a final product that has concept and guts, you've won the race.

Associate Of Science In Computer Animation

The Associate of Science in Computer Animation Degree Program starts by teaching you the fundamental principles and techniques of animation.

You will be required to create advanced computer-generated virtual models, characters, animations, and visual effects.

You'll learn to create 3D computer graphics for video games, commercials, television shows, theme park attractions, and short and feature-length films.

Associate of Science in Recording Arts

You'll wear a lot of hats if you want to design and manipulate sound effects for on-screen action; record and sync the dialogue to picture during Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) sessions in your film sound courses.

Work on set as the boom operator or sound mixer, Use virtual instruments to make and manipulate beats, experiment with microphone selection and technique to create a unique sonic signature for the songs you work on in music production classes.

Because you will learn them all if you choose the Associate of Science in Recording Arts at the Los Angeles Film School.

Throughout the program, you'll spend time working side-by-side with your colleagues and instructors as you learn the key aspects of the recording process.

Course Scheduling for the LA Film School Programs

The Los Angeles Film School's degree programs start monthly and classes graduate on a monthly basis as well.

Film, Computer Animation and Game Production Laptop Packages

There are massive programming requirements for all of the La Film School programs. Especially for the 3d animation courses.

Students in the Film program will be asked to put out $3,400 USD for a MacBook Pro laptop.

Students in the Computer Animation & Game Production programs will be asked to pay out the same $3,400USD but the Macbook will be pre-installed with a Windows OS environment instead of a Unix one.

You're paying for the software. That is the reason why the Laptop Package for the Recording Arts Program is only $2,600USD!

Good luck paying for all these LA Film School Programs. Obviously, most people seek out student loans but so far we have not found one yet worthy of mention.

Nothing beats a supportive family but there are other ways if you are alone in your dreams of going to Film School.

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