LA Film School Owned By Full Sail University

by Jake G
(Denver, Colorado)

It is a fact that the LA Film School is owned and operated by the same principal investors as Full Sail University?

Please note that this is not a negative post, but rather an honest observation. I think this information is worth acknowledging.

Wouldn't you agree?


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Thanks for the Wikipedia link, Jake. Did you get a chance to read the warnings on the top of that Wikipedia page? It reads;

"This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.
It includes attribution to IMDb, which may not be a reliable source for biographical information. Please help improve this article by introducing reliable sources. Tagged since December 2010."

"This entry may have been edited by a contributor who has a close connection with its subject. Tagged since April 2011.
It may contain wording that merely promotes the subject without imparting verifiable information. Tagged since September 2008."

Even Wikipedia has admitted that the information written on their site about the LA Film School is unreliable at best.

I might know a bit more on the subject than you think, Jake. I don't want to say that you are wrong because you are just partially wrong.

Jake, your concern is worth mentioning but it is extremely hard to wade through all the lies and deceptions out there. My son and I have even argued over the development of this website because of it.

Why bother when we can't get our hands on documents that prove the truth? The web is filled with disgruntled students that have an agenda. They want revenge and will distort the truth to make you believe that the school is bad.

They all thought that paying tuition makes you a filmmaker and director by osmosis. In fact, the real work begins after your training ends.

It took us nearly 2 years to find sources that we rely on. They were the only reason why my son and I agreed to keep building this website.

And try harder than anyone to get to the truth about the schools we review.

There does exists a partnership between Full Sail University, the Los Angeles Film School and the Los Angeles Recording Studio.

We do know that this partnership began back in 2003 when Full Sail University co-owners Edward Haddock, Bill Heavener, and Jonathan Phelps formed a business partnership with Diana Derycz-Kessler and Paul Kessler, the founders of the LA Film School.

Have a look at the Orlando Business Journal. It clearly states that Full Sail remains a minority owner of the LA Film School. Full Sail does not own and run the place as you have suggested.

The Full Sail ownership group would love to get their hands on a majority stake in the LA Film School but it isn't for sale. The current majority owners of the LA Film School are not stupid. They realize that they are sitting on a gold mine.

The LA Film School was forced to accept partnership and a loss of partial ownership in exchange for a cash injection to fund their expansion and keep up with the growing demand. They needed to part with a portion of their equity in the LA Film School to get that cash.

The LA Film School took possession of land purchased by Full Sail. In return, Full Sail University took a minority stake in the LA Film School but Diana Derycz-Kessler and Paul Kessler made it clear that they would never relinquish majority ownership.

Find the press releases like this one that explains where the land is, what its function is and who owns it. Again the Press Release makes it clear that the Full Sail ownership group are minority owners in the LA Film School and the Los Angeles Recording Studio.

I would like to know why this partnership seems to have you so angered, Jake?

First of all, their plans to build the expansion have been stalled by a legal battle with vendors at the Old Farmer's Market on the corner of Ivar and Selma Streets.

It could be months before we see any expansion.

This website is devoted to students. So, I have to ask myself;

How does this deal affect students in a negative way if their new classroom sits on land donated by Full Sail University?

It simply doesn't. It benefits them.

The only losers are the current majority owners of The LA Film School. I'm sure they never wanted to part with any of their equity in the school.

Full Sail Knows Better Than to Tamper

Full Sail University won't get involved in the everyday operations of a school that is making money and is quite successful. Full Sail can't stick their noses in the everyday operations of a school they don't hold a Majority stake in.

Does it really matter to the student who owns 32% of Full Sail and 36% of the LA Film School? I don't think it does. It could bring some universal conformity to the curriculum of the schools but that would only add value to a degree earned there.

Again, I see no detriment to a student that is willing to do the work necessary to succeed.

BMW bought the Aston Martin Company of Automobiles and made no changes besides lifting them out of debt and making them profitable again.

Did purchasers lose out by buying the new Aston Martin even though it was built using German money. No. I predict much of the same for the LA Film School.

Some even say the new Aston Martin is better than it has ever been.

Don't worry, Jake. Try and get your information from sources that are not affected by anger, revenge or marketing. That's all I see out there now and it is sad.

How can anyone know who to trust? Your only hope is to do some heavy digging and stop reading websites built by people with a biased viewpoint.


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