The LA Film School Campus is in a Prime Location but it's not Without its Flaws

The LA Film School Campus (LAFS) is located at the corner of Sunset and Ivar in the heart of Hollywood, California in the historic RCA Building at 6363 Sunset Boulevard.

The LA Film SchoolThe Los Angeles Film School

That puts the College Campus within walking distance of huge Resources and Possibilities to Students.

It's such an important aspect of the Film School Educational experience that I mark the location of the Los Angeles Film School as a huge plus over its competition.

We'll show you how to get a Campus Tour booked so you can scrutinize the Campus technology, question the Campus Security and give The Faculty a hard time.

What Advantages of Location?

From the LA Film School Campus, students can walk East for 2 blocks and they'll arrive at the Gower Studios.

Walk South for 2 blocks and you'll arrive at the Studios of Paramount Pictures.

Walk down Sunset Boulevard and you'll arrive at the Directors Guild.

Walk down Hollywood Boulevard over the “Walk of Stars” to the new Kodak Theater, where they hold the annual Academy Awards.

The Campus is also surrounded by some of the Film Industry's most important companies, including iFilm (Spike), Paramount Pictures and Raleigh Studios.

The LA Film School Campus has that advantage. I think it is a huge advantage. Imagine finishing a reel which you are really excited about.

You jump in your old car and nurse it down to the offices of iFilm or any such companies that have moved in to fill the void. (On October 15, 2005, iFilm was purchased by MTV Networks in a multi-million US dollar deal. It has since been rebranded as the online site for Spike TV).

Location to so much opportunity could lead to internships at one of the nearby studios. This is something students at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida can't experience or benefit from.

The Full Sail Campus has a 7-11 nearby but is mostly surrounded by residential housing, trees and a cackle of birds.

I think location is an advantage and I am big on it. It should always be weighed against advantages that other schools may offer, though. Get the best Education first. You can always move later.

LA Film School Campus Equipment, Facilities and Tools

Four main buildings comprise the 250,000 square feet that is dedicated to Labs, Studios and the Theater. All rooms are equipped with the very best and latest technology from Avid, ProTools and Digidesign, to name a few.

The Hollywood Reporter called The Los Angeles Film School "... One of the Best-Equipped Private Learning Centers in the Country". They are not lying but you will know if you take the LA Film School Campus Tour.

Classrooms and labs on the LA film School Campus

Avid Media Composer DX Nitris Lab #1Avid Media Composer DX Nitris Lab #1

  1. Game Production Lab
  2. Computer Animation Lab
  3. Avid Media Composer DX Nitris Lab
  4. Panavision Cinematography Lab
  5. Dubbing Stage
  6. Avid Adrenaline HD Video Editing Lab
  7. Adobe Mac Pro Lab
  8. Producers Lab and Meeting Rooms
  9. Production Design Lab
  10. Pro Tools|HD Audio Editing Lab
  11. Screening Room (Building 2)
  12. Lecture Hall (Building 2)
  13. Acting Classroom

Campus Soundstages

The Los Angeles Film School Sunset Soundstage

The highlight of the recent campus expansion is the brand new Hollywood Super Set. This thing is 2 stories high and looks like an old Victorian house from the 1800's.

The interior is permanent but the exterior is only partial so it can be changed to simulate many different types of surrounding environments. You could make it look like a beach house in Thailand or an old 1800s Victorian house in the East of New Jersey.

They can accomplish stunning effects because of the use of the most advanced technology and even some old-hat tricks. Green screens are used as well as a 16'x40' hand painted backgrounds that can be enhanced in definition with a giant back-lit high-resolution photograph imprinted on a translucent film, called a "trans-light".

Sunset Soundstage
LA Film School Sunset Stage

Lighting is controlled with a 'Strand GSX computerized dimming console' that features unlimited pre-programmed presets so you can save your projects where you leave them

This is a busy place. Perhaps the busiest on the entire LA Film School Campus. Students need the soundstage to give 'life' to their films.

It's a facet of film that few people realize the importance of until they get to film school. Sound can make or break a film. Producers rely upon it to create suspense and ... well ... life.

Midterm Production Spaces

The Chaplin ... The Fellini ... The Hitchcock and The Keaton. So, that makes 4 Midterm Production Spaces all named after famous film directors.

Each of the spaces are different in size but all are capeable of being Chameleons. One day they are shooting an indoor western scene and the next day a different group takes over with their alien planet set.

Set it up, shoot it, tear it down, and do it again for the next scene.

The LA Film School Theater

The LA Film School The LA Film School Theater

They have a Movie Theater on The LA Film School Campus. Not just any Movie Theater either.

It is a cutting edge digital high-definition, Dolby Surround, THX-Certified screening facility for 35mm, 16mm, HD, and most other video formats.

It is a rare, true 24P High Definition Projection System with Dolby Digital SR-D plus Dolby EX surround sound capabilities.

You will get the chance to observe an educated crowd's reaction to YOUR film or animated production. That is a rare opportunity that only a few select schools can offer you.

I would consider that a red-letter moment in my life if I could get my fellow students to stop using their trained brain and either just get into the story or the quality of the animated movement.

The best part is that they have stopped the controversial practice of renting out the theater to big Hollywood Productions. Student presentations only.

Equipment Room

Where they keep all the gear you'll need to make your production locked away. You have to sign out the supplies you need and you will usually be given a time-frame for certain equipment. Unless there is no one signed up after you.

Machine Room

This is the heart of the school. It is made of stored Data and pumps the moving data being created and deleted in the school's editing suites and computer labs throughout the school like blood moving though it.

Go down and you'll see Racks of servers, computers, and patchbays. Maybe the odd couple gone down there for some privacy.

Book Your Seat for The Los Angeles Film School's All-Access Studio Tour:

You can call them at 323-860-0789 or try the toll-free line if you are far away at 877-952-3456.

The 3 daily tours run at 11:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. (There is no 6:00 PM tour on Fridays)

You'll meet the faculty and learn more about the Film, Game Production, Computer Animation, and Recording Arts Associate of Science Programs.

Visit The Los Angeles Film School. It's an amazing experience and they really put on a show. The equipment they offer their students is second to none and they remind you of that fact often.

The Los Angeles Film school is a for-profit school so you will be treated as potential customers.

They won't let you wander around the campus on your own so you'll be expected to remain amongst the group on the Campus Tour.

You will get a 'Tour Leader' that is keenly aware that if you don't sign the papers before leaving the LA Film School Campus, the likelihood of a sale drops by over 70%.

Just keep in mind that the la film school will be putting their best foot forward for you to see. Just like any salesman selling a car, you'll have salesmen selling an education.

That's because the people who leave want to think about it and study more. The people who are caught up in the tide of hope that the tour leaders try to create usually sign.

That is an emotional sale and the type all salespeople seek. With the LA Film School I don't think many regret it though. That speaks to the quality and satisfaction of the students on the LA Film School Campus.

We think the LA film school's philosophy is...

"We are in this for the long run and need to build a reputation. The only way to do that is to ensure that our product is worthy of the prices we are asking.

The only way the LA film school survives into the future is to build a reputation for having everything a student needs (Minus their own motivation) and giving it to them.

If I am correct about the LA Film School's philosophy then this film school is not one to be ignored.

Feel free to Tell Us What You Think or even Read What Others Have Said so far.

I am always looking for information would be useful to a potential film student when making a decision. I will not post anything that does not meet that criteria.

Good Luck and Keep on Dreaming despite the angry, the blame-casters and the people who give up before they even started. What else to do in life but follow your dreams?

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