LA Film School Alumni Share their Habits of Success

This LA Film School Alumni page is not about impressive Alumni Lists or comparing film training between film schools.

Alumni is defined as any former student. But many schools get in the habit of displaying any former student that plops a feather in the cap of the school that they attended.

James Cotten (Director of La Linea) (The Line) is one name on the LA School alumni list that I am familiar with. I didn't realize he was an LA film school Alumni until I starting researching the Los Angeles Film School.

He recently signed a deal that will see him produce one or two projects annually in association with the LA Film School. They'll be using graduates on the crew, using student projects for scripts, and school facilities for post production.

Full Sail Alumni Produced Movie
Demon Slayer - 2003

He has already done one feature film in collaboration with the LA film school called Demon SlayerLA Film School Alumni Produced, for which he used LA Film School alumni for all key positions.

The film was Directed by James Cotten and written by Tristan Thai. The Cinematography was done by Brandon Trost and the Production Design by Kambiz Hemati.

'Demon Slayer' was Edited by John Valerio and Line Production was done by Travis Ramsey. Diana Derycz-Kessler and Paul Kessler served as the film's Executive Producers.

This is a windfall for current and future students at the La Film School. Read the article and you'll see that this man is actively head hunting for talent on the LA Film School campus.

Other Talented LA Film School Alumni

I admit that I took reference from a few websites to put together this Alumni list. I was afraid that I would forget someone because I just could not known them all.

So, I used my Alumni Definition to guide me.

I study schools for their value and cost and worth to students. I only knew about James Cotton because of the contract he agreed to recently and took notice because of the benefit it offers students at the LA Film School.

Here are some of the many LA film school Alumni. These are only a chosen handful of the best. I wish I could find the failures, put them in the same room and studied them until I knew the habits that breed success in the Film Industry.

Currently working Visual Effects with a show named 'Grown Ups'. Or rather worked on as the film came out in 2010 starring Adam Sandler, Salma Hayek and Kevin James. Editor at 'Entertainment Tonight' but this guy is a legend and has been involved in more winning projects than I have room to list. He was the Director of 'Gilmore Girls' Producer of ''As The Dust Settles'. Was part of the Production Staff on 'Everybody Loves Raymond' and much more. Writer and Director of the movie 'Crank' Brandon Trost is a Cinematographer with most recent credits on 'Halloween 2' and 'Crank: High Voltage' Director of 'Danika' (2006), 'Simple Lies' (2005), 'Jewel of the Sahara' (2001) and 'The Iceman' (2011). Blake Webster is or has been an Assistant Producer on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' as well as a litany of other long and short lived TV talk shows. It is a definite pattern for him but maybe he enjoys a guaranteed, massive bi-weekly paycheck?

Why take the risk in film. He has carved out a nice living, though so who am I to judge? He's been in and out of "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List" (2005), "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" (2003), "Talkshow with Spike Feresten" (2006) and "Lopez Tonight" since 2009.

What of all the LA Film School Graduates Without Work?

Yes. For each person on this LA film School Alumni list of 5, many others achieved minimal or no success at all in the film Industry. Should we blame the schools for that?

It is a tough leap for me when other people who went through the exact same training in exactly the same place have been so successful.

Isn't that proof that the system works at the LA Film School? Or is the old saying true that 'What you do when you've finished your training is all that matters'?

You got me.

The same thing is happening in many of the Major film markets. Students graduating from schools positioned well in large film markets like LA or New York are getting higher employment numbers per capita than schools in small markets like Orlando, Florida.

Learn more about the La Film School Campus Location and compare some small markets to the big boys.

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