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by Nabar Exist
(Brooklyn, NY, USA)

I have love for my school "Full Sail". I read a lot of stuff before I applied and even talked to the staff.

I know their accreditation allows them to change up the curriculum to accommodate the growing needs of the entertainment industry rather than wait 18-24 months till the department of Education approves it then all schools registered by them and can then change their teachings to catch up with the rest of the industry.

I am attending school full time online and I love it, the freedom to learn but it's not easy, so if a person doesn't stay on top of their game they definitely will fail. What I like about all the work they give is that it all pertains to the industry, no matter what class it is they make sure it "all" applies to the industry.

What you put in is what you get out, that's the bottom line, that's with everything in life, a job or school, etc.

I'm doing my own thing so I'm not worried about Full Sail getting me a job, if they do then hey that's cool too but for the most part I'm doing me. I'm getting an education and the connects I make at school if they help that will be gravy but I'm not depending on it.

The degrees are accelerated so you can get a BA in 25 months and then go for your MA which is what I plan on doing.

My degree is in Entertainment Business and can't wait to graduate, my MA is going to be in Entertainment Business as well with a Sports Management Track.

Watch my progress.


Reply from TheBestFilmSchools.com

That's a great attitude to have.

You are mostly correct when you mention that core curriculum changes must first be approved by the Department of Education in a Regionally Accredited Institution. A Nationally Accredited Institution such as Full Sail University can make changes with less oversight.

But is that always a good thing? There is always risk of abuse and incompetency when making changes without approval from an overseeing Educational Board. There are also many more Scholarship options available to those attending a Regionally Accredited School.

Having said that, it is hard to ignore the numbers and the Time Magazine Article written just after the Grammy awards in 2009.

Full Sail first offered the Master's in Entertainment Business back in April of 2007. That gives them some experience now that we are in April of 2012.

Your example is the best possible example of what Full Sail has to offer Online. I first assumed you were part of the Full Sail marketing team but the truth is the truth. Full Sail has some measurable experience and results.

I just hope you are either wealthy or ready to take on some hefty student Loans. It is a very expensive route that you're taking and Scholarships are not as available, nor are credits as transferable if compared to a Regionally Accredited Institute.

Best of luck,


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