Jobless and Broke after Full Sail

by Diana

My son attended full sail graduated 2 years ago and can't find a job. We were told it was a university but I call full sail and they say it's not a conventional university but it's a university.

How is that? How come they didn't say that to begin with? Now we owe 56,000.00 and my son can't place a job because it really is only a trade school they tell him.

Every time he calls to talk to them all they tell him is to change his e-mail address. What does that have to do with getting a job?

Then they tell him they will teach him how to fill out a resume, he has already sent out over 1,000.00 what are they going to show him?

It's getting so frustrating and I have been stressed to where I have gone to the doctor.

What can we do?

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