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Feb 26, 2015
What to do AFTER Film School
by: Philip

I really feel for you. I can see the frustration and it is all too common. I wish I could help, but it is all up to your son now.

If he has already sent 1000+ resumes, then he obviously doesn't have reels to show off and it's time to change tactics.

The Film industry is probably one of the most difficult to break into. Full Sail are a business and they do very well at it.

But there is no school of any kind that can promise work in the film industry.

Whether they care or not is not for me to judge. There are some very successful Grads that come out of Full Sail. Many took day jobs at first and approached all kinds of businesses offering to do online video promotion work.

It is time for you to forget Full Sail. That is difficult to do but believe me, it is the best thing you could do for yourself.

People in your situation begin by looking for work based on their skills. If he can do camera work then advertise him as a wedding videographer in the local papers, Craislist, etc.

Offer to volunteer his services. He has got to build a resume that is full of quality work. Work that people can see.

I actually approached a local Comedy Club and offered to film their shows for free. They agreed. I was broke, hungry and living with 4 room mates.

I kept at it and I started to produce some very high quality Video/Audio work. Then I had to take 2 weeks off for personal reasons. It was only a week later that the Comedy Club called me.

I told them that I have to do other work that pays me so that I could eat. That's when they offered to start paying me.

Then a few people noticed my videos online. I opened up a free website and advertised my work. I got a call to do a wedding. It went well.

Then the comedians from the comedy club started contacting me and asking me to film, edit, and produce promotional videos for them.

I am finally paying rent and food and am busy.

Let Full Sail fade into the past. As long as your son has some skills, he needs to develop them and promote himself.

Good Luck.


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