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Jul 09, 2017
What Full Sail did Wrong
by: Philip

This is a deep one and difficult to answer. You might as well ask me about human nature.

But I checked this school out. The wait time on equipment rental was bad. None of the teachers were anything but average. It was buried in complaints.

Why? They have a decent curriculum last time I checked. Less theory allows for more participation time. Blah Blah... (I did the tour)

I can't understand it when people say "I learned nothing"

Really? If it is true then I would love someone to explain what exactly Full Sail did wrong. Most will say that they promised you a job.


That makes them used car salesmen. I've heard that before. I just want to know if Full Sail is teaching nothing or is this just a very tough business to break into.

If you've read this site then I warn of the National accreditation and its downfalls.

But, you learned nothing at Full Sail? Help me to tell more than "They promised me a job." Because I don't believe people are stupid enough to be sold on the "Guaranteed Job" stuff.

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