Is This Site For Real or am I Ignorant?


  • Is this site for real? Are we supposed to believe that someone involved with online media marketing and sales promotion is on the level and a non-interested third party?

Of course not. You are supposed to question people's motivations. My beleif is that every school out there has something to offer someone. I do not sell ad space here nor do I ever make recommendations.

I just spent 3 years learning about the Film schools out there and wanted to pass on what I have learned. On every page I reiterate that the best way to find the school that is right for you is do your research.

  • I was just wondering if you conducted some sort of other research than anecdotal evidence and rebuttal with a biased overview to begin with?

I use mostly student feedback, faculty background and financial conduct to ascertain quality issues. I have also visited every one of the schools yet written about.

An example would be faculty questions. I get my information on faculty by checking their Facebook profiles, Linkedin Profiles and via any other social media they use. I often spend weeks tracking down background information on a schools finacial activities. Most are private and financial information difficult to locate. They never freely publish the truth or often keep very tight books.

How much does Full Sail spend on Advertising? How much on staff, equipment etc, etc? Ask me. You might be surprised.

  • I do like the baited comments, which are from "current" students. Why would a current student that is happy be searching for Full Sail SCAMS and find your page?

Good point, which is why I delete 90% of the 'Fake student Full-Sail-fist Pump". You would not beleive how many people employed at Full Sail working for the sole purpose of defending their practises on any forum you can think of.

The ones you have found here are either from students considering the school (Thus would find 'full Sail Scam' on any search that includes just the Full Sail name).

  • I guess if this ever makes it on the site I would advise prospective students to go anywhere else

Your advice is now posted. It is obvious that you have taken more time to write your critisizms than read this site. If you did then you would know that I repeat a few mantras. One is that research is vital when choosing a school. Another is to seek a lawyer's advice before signing any contracts.


Thank you for bring that up. I have since redone the Privacy policy page, but the contact page is working just fine. But you would know that if you took a broader look at this "Devoid of information" site instead of bringing everyone down to your narrow point of view.

You can't tell people what to do. You can't tell them where to go to school. They will do what they want. Some get caught up in the propoganda and you can't talk them out of it.

All you can do is pass on your experience and hope some people will open their minds to individual research and critical thinking. How have you contributed with your judgements of the few pages you've skimmed on this site?

I just have to read one of your statements. You said "Why would a current student that is happy be searching for Full Sail SCAMS and find your page?"

That question is an example of both ignorance and misguided logic. Do a simple Full Sail search and you will find the inclusion of the word "Scam" in your search. That will arouse attention in anyone, current student or not. Also, how could you be so arrogant as to expect everyone to use the same logic you do.

Mate, they don't.

You say you're in Jacksonville, FLA, USA. but you're actually in VAN BUREN, MICHIGAN UNITED STATES. Do you think that some might deduce by your location that you might be forwarding your own agenda? Some will because deceptive people are always deceptive. but I will reserve judgement.

Again, Thanks for pointing out the Privacy Policy Page. That's about the only help you were to anyone.

Take care,


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