International Student Misled by Full Sail

by Maria Topel

I'm an International student, and applied To Full Sail being told that the schedule is tight, but I could always transfer to the extended program, which is fewer hours/days.

For two months I stayed in the university, and when I tried to change to the extended program, was told that I couldn't because of my international status.......

Now they don't want to refund me the money for the subjects I didn't take "because I signed an agreement" (of course I signed it, I was told I could change; if I wasn't told that, I'd never signed)

I'd love to sue, and if I knew of any suit against full Sail, I'd join them......

How do I give full Sail bad publicity? They are real crooks!


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You have to make a decision in the way you will react to this. You either go after Full Sail trying to right a wrong or you can find a way to focus on yourself and spend your energy in a way that is productive for you.

I assume that Full Sail is willing to allow you to continue on with your current schedule? If you have already paid for a spot then it should be secured. Could you possibly finish your degree despite the challenges ahead of you?

I understand your anger. Whoever told you that "You can always transfer to the Extended Program" was just telling you what you wanted to hear. That is now out of your control.

The only thing in your control is how you react to this. You need to get selfish here and take care of yourself and your future. If that means sticking with the schedule you currently have then get angry and find a way to finish despite the walls people have thrown up for you. This is an opportunity to practice the attitude you'll need to make it in the world of Film making.

It will sometimes feel like everyone is determined to undermine your road to success.

International students are not the only ones affected by this. Any student wishing to move to the extended program can only do so based on the availability of space.

I am sorry if that doesn't make you feel any better. The only thing that will make you feel better is if you complete your studies and become successful despite what the school has done to you. Hurting Full Sail's reputation will not make you feel any better.

You did sign The Enrollment Agreement (EA) so you don't have much of a case to sue Full Sail in any court of law. I hope you get through this in a positive way.


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