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Jul 20, 2012
Everest University
by: Anonymous

Thanks for both responses...... I thought about suing, but I do not know layers to do so, and do not have the money to pay that kind of thing.

Full sail refunded me half of what I paid, so I'm happier than before (sad that I couldn't go on studying there, being the career I really love). Their schedule is really crazy, so there's no option for me to go back there.

I started in Everest university. Their schedule is normal, and their advisement is good. Also they motivate students while in school (I think because their classes are small. I'm taking film and video, and most of my classmates come from full sail.

They have the same complaint: the schedule and prices. Their schedule is too much: 9-hour classes plus 8 hours-a-week lab time. It's a good university when you have the energy to do it, or if you are from this country and can take extended classes (which international cannot take and admission doesn't seem to know).


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I really like Everest University. It is not as well-equipped as Full Sail but like I've said many times before ... "It doesn't matter what equipment is available to you if you don't use it".

I have heard good things about Everest. All that matters is that you have the passion and the mind-set to succeed. School be damned. Some of the best film-makers out there made it in spite of school and set-backs. I'll bet on a creative and motivated student out of Everest over a "I paid Full Sail a fortune so they had better get me a job" mindset student any day.

Good luck.

Apr 16, 2012
Sue Full Sail
by: John F. Campbell

If you want to get through this in a positive way, go ahead and sue the crooks. That is the most positive thing you can do.

Their response is poorly conceived and written and just twisting words. If they present themselves as badly in court as they have in their written response, which you might also present in court, you may very likely win your case.

In any event, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Best of luck to you in court, I am behind you all the way.


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That is your advice for a positive way forward? Why don't you sue them yourself? Maybe it is because you would rather someone else took the risks and spent the money on lawyers. When you said, "I am behind you all the way", did you mean that you would help her with court and lawyer fees?

I didn't think so.

Look out for yourself and always assume that others have their own agenda and don't care what happens to you. This advice is selfish and poor. Weak and selfish people always try to manipulate others into sacrifice while they watch from the sidelines. She signed a contract that bounds her. What will be her argument in court?

She could be a successful filmmaker by the time the trial concludes. Even if she wins a suit, how is that better than living her dreams? Go in and talk to the Guidance Councillors. Ask them what your options are. If you are going to sue them then take a tape recorder and ask a lawyer to look at the contract you signed.

Please do the best thing for you and refuse to be influenced by people who would love to see Full Sail sued but are not willing to take the chance themselves.

This person is just trying to manipulate you.


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