In Memory of Bob Vitale

by Bob Vitale

Bob Vitale & Ron Silver

Bob Vitale & Ron Silver

Here's a guy I studied with who learned Chinese to become a diplomat and ended up an actor who we just recently lost. Hope you recognize Ron Silver. He won a Tony with Madonna & Joe Montagna in Speed the Plow on Broadway, made numerous films with Anne Bancroft, Meryl Streep, etc., and played a great Karl Rove type character on West Wing (amongst many other credits).

Hope your school helps young people get a leg up in the business. My grandson wants to attend and I am checking out your reputation.

Good luck in the future.



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Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend and a great actor in Ron Silver. He stands as a shiny example of what it takes to get the most out of life. Someone willing to learn a new language to accomplish his goals is nothing less than dedicated and thus destined to get where he/she wants in life.

The Los Angeles Film School will help your Grandson get 'A Leg Up' on competition but he will need to be motivated and driven to get there. It takes more than just paying tuition and going to class on time. Only those who outwork and out-perservere their collegues become successful.

A lesson we should all have learned from Ron Silver and the way he led his life. Some will say that those destined to be a success in whatever field they have chosen will succeed without the need for schooling.

I agree with that. Time at Film School should also be viewed as a time to recruit and make connections. The location of the school is not a handicap, either. There are so many Studios and talent scouts intermingled with the air of Hollywood that it is a great proving ground.

Best of Luck.


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