I Want my $30,000 Dollars Back

by Kenny

I know a ton of people that went to Full Sail prior to 2003. All of which were great students but not successful in their field.

My experience there was ridiculous and a waste of time and a lot of money. We basically paid for expansion. $30,000 for instructors who were out of work students from the previous year? Meanwhile the school is buying the shopping center and property next to them! The school from what i can see looks much bigger and beautiful today! Your welcome!

I even remember in orientation before I started the year, Kiddie Phelps told us "The school alone will not make you successful. You have to take advantage of any outside oppurtunities as well". Really? That was the first of many red flags for me.

Anyway i did do some outside work with different production companies and was nominated Director of our the movie that I helped write. In this business (as the school repeatedly told us as well) its all about networking! Seriously? Then why am I paying $30,000 to take a month long movie make up course instead of more editing or set design?

Of course there are success stories. The law of averages and some good connections pay off for some. Again, $30,000 to do your own work? Because the Job placement at the time flat out sucked! I demand my $30,000 dollars be returned to me immediately. I'm not trying to ruin anyones dreams but check it out before you waste so much money.


Kenny Harrison


Reply from TheBestFilmSchools.com

I hear you but this can happen at just about any school. Taking the attitude that the school should be responsible for placing you in a job won't help you. It just makes you bitter and gives you an excuse to fail. That may not be what you want to hear but it is what it is.

No one owes you anything. Even though it may seem unfair, you need to accept the fact that schools give you education and training. Getting work is your job. The advice given that; "The school alone will not make you successful. You have to take advantage of any outside opportunities as well", is darn good advice. You can't rely on any school to make you successful. That is a misnomer that many people have and something that many people need to dispel.

Full Sail was an opportunity for you. You are the one that created your own destiny. You are where you are because of your own actions.

That is hard to hear. It is hard for me to say. But the facts are there and I am reminded of them everyday. A school taught me how to build a website but cannot teach me how to succeed at it. That is a mindset that you have to work on and develop on your own.

Get out of your own way and start looking inside yourself for the answers. Full Sail can help but it is only tools that you are purchasing. You have to use the tools to succeed.

We can find negative things all around us. Full Sail is in the past. Take care of yourself and focus on the positive. And work hard. There is not a single success story that doesn't come without hard work, a positive outlook and a burning passion.

On and on I can go. I will stop this because I sound like I am lecturing and I hate that.


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