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Oct 01, 2012
Ask for 30k Back - Let's See What Happens
by: Marty

I'd like to hear one good reason why Full Sail should give back your $30,000. (Remember, I said GOOD reason)

Very well stated, Philip. It seems like I hear so much negative talk about Full Sail from those who actually bought in to the "Hype" that they have heard regarding the school. In the old school words of Flavor Flave - "Don't believe the hype". I believe once people begin to get over the awe-struck mentality of Full Sail, they can then make better decisions for themselves as to whether or not Full Sail is the right place for them. I personally got over the hype long before I attended Full Sail because I clearly recognized it wasn't right for me early in my career.

Understanding the makeup of the school in the early to mid 90's, I choose not to enroll because of a number of reasons - cost, accreditation, lack of campus housing, degree programs, etc. After doing my homework on the school and weighing my options, I felt it was better for me to attend a nationally accredited 4-year university for the direction I was headed in.

I ultimately completed an undergraduate degree at a nationally accredited 4-year university, which was the best move for me. It wasn't until years later when I learned that Full Sail developed a masters degree program in which I then carefully researched and decided to enroll based on my circumstances at that time. I was already employed as a professor at a university and was encouraged to pursue a masters program that would educate me on technology in education and developing curriculum for online instructional support. Full Sail's Education Media Design & Technology Masters Program was perfect for me. It's been more than a year since I completed the program and my colleagues and students are still completely amazed at what I learned in that degree program and how I have methodically implemented those practices in the departments curriculum.

I say all of this to simply suggest that you must first have a clear vision as to the direction you intend to go, and the mindset and intellect to clearly know if a school like Full Sail will be beneficial or a pure waste of time and money for you.

Mistakes can be costly so think, research, and choose carefully!


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"I ultimately completed an undergraduate degree at a nationally accredited 4-year university"

Did you mean to say that you completed an undergraduate degree at a Regionally accredited 4-year university? Full Sail is Nationally accredited Institute.

Excellent advice, though. Thanks for wading in.


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