Horrible Student Films

by John Campbell
(Sherman Oaks, CA)

No question about it! Just look at the gallery of student films on their website, all of which are so unbelievably bad in every respect as to be not only virtually unwatchable but also manage to violate every principle of movie making known to man.

All of these films are excruciating to watch!


Reply from TheBestFilmSchools.com

Hello. I take it that you are a film critic? Have you ever had a chance to make a movie? Have you ever driven behind a car that said 'Student driver? You always give them more room because they are young and learning.

It certainly isn't something you can blame on the school, is it? Shouldn't we blame the students? Or do you think the school should be responsible for the quality of movies that it's students make?

Want to read about Gary Rizzo and his Orcar Award. It is a press release from Full Sail but I checked the facts (Like Always) and it is all true.

Maybe they just put the amateur first year students work up on the website.

The ones I saw were awesome. Wish I could do 3D animation like this guy can. This is his final Demo Reel from Full Sail University.

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