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Jun 09, 2011
More "Awful" than "Awesome" Full Sail Videos
by: John Campbell

I strongly disagree. There is nothing about the 3D animation you reference to distinguish it in any way whatsoever. More "awful" than "awesome".

Full Sail has apparently adopted a policy of the blind leading the blind, allowing former unqualified students to take positions as unqualified "teachers". If you want your dreams, and your money, to go sailing fully down the river, then Full Sail is the place for you.

If the "education" provided by Full Sail does not inform its students work in some tangible way, then it is of no value whatsoever.

If you're serious about film making, move to Los Angeles and go to UCLA or USC where you will at least be taught by working professionals. UCLA also offers excellent and affordable extension courses.

John F. Campbell
Sherman Oaks, CA


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You're right. But you are leaving out some important details. Can you really compare Full Sail to UCLA or USC? That's like comparing cars to underwear.

People might think that tuition fees are similar but Full Sail completes a bachelor's degree in 2 years and USC and UCLA in 4 years. It's many thousands of dollars cheaper to attend school for 2 years versus your proposed 4 years.

Then we have to look at admission requirements. Unless you are on a scholarship you face some stiff competition for the few available seats. I won't go into the entry requirements for UCLA but thousands are turned away every year.

What choice do they have if they cannot qualify for acceptance?

Full Sail fits a need. I have never said they are anywhere near perfect but UCLA? Then you said, "There is nothing about the 3D animation you reference to distinguish it in any way whatsoever."

What does that even mean ... to distinguish it? First you must learn the basics before adding distinguishing characteristics. Have you done anything to show me wrong? Post it and watermark it so I know it is yours.

I am not calling you out. I simply would love to see your work because I love 3D Animation but it takes a long time to master the art of conveying character through gesture.

Feel free to use this website to show off your work. Take credit for it by a watermark or something with your name on it and add your contact details.

Just take one of these pages and title it with your name like, "The 3D animation Work of ..." then tell people about you a little, lead us into your animation video.

Just enclose the embed code in your page so I can work the video right onto the page. Make your written presentation smooth and catchy and between 200-300 words.

We had nearly 40,000 people read this website last month. I just thought it might help gain exposure to Animators or Filmmakers that are trying hard to get their stories told.

Good Luck,


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