Honesty at Full Sail

"At the heart of the accusations is the fact that Full Sail University 'legally' exaggerated their claim to the number of students who find gainful employment after graduating from Full Sail University.

The problem came when people discovered that Full Sail was counting any job a graduate found as a working graduate. They even counted Graduates working in Blockbuster movie rental shops!"

---End Quote---

I would say that knowingly misleading people about industry job placement is a big deal.

While it might be legal, it is still morally wrong, and as a former employee of Starbucks I know that one could never pay their own bills on that salary. I think that is where people are in the right to be pissed.

Imagine owing $60,000 to the US government and not being eligible for any job better than Starbucks or McDonalds. Good luck ever making it off of skid row. The way I see it after reading this page, is that it is in fact, a scam. Sorry.

Ex-prospective student
(after reading above)


Reply from TheBestFilmSchools.com

Why say sorry, PS (Prospective Student)? You are rightfully concerned and it is good to see you take an interest in your education. There is some ugly stuff going on out there but Full Sail does not run a scam.

I am confused how you associate accurate job placement numbers with living on Skid Row.

It would be nearly impossible for Full Sail University to provide an accurate assessment of how many of their Alumni are in a job related to their studies.

An average of 6,000 students per year have graduated from Full Sail since they first opened their doors in 1999. 15 years X 6,000 student is 90,000 people to track down.

So, everyone knows that employment numbers are merely a best guess scenario. I started this website because my son researched so many schools that I thought the information he gathered might help others.

If you know someone with a $60,000USD outstanding student loan and is working at Starbucks, let me know about it. I will take you/them step by step through the process of defferring that loan until you/they are ripe old man/woman.

Am I Morally wrong for twisting the rules to help a student too poor to pay back their student loans? I have probably assisted more than 25 people in seeking long-term Student Loan Defferment.

Admissions representatives from many schools actively inform their applicants to falsely add dependents on their Pell Grants application form to ensure you qualify for a larger amount. Only in rare occassions do the existence of those dependents get verified through previous income tax returns or Social Security numbers.

It is fraud to lie on an application for Pell Grants. It is not against the law for me to Defer student loans for 25 years. Is it morally wrong?

This helps a student get more money to support themselves while getting an education. According to you it would be morally wrong.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where if you don't help yourself, no one will. It would be an impossible task to track every alumni from Full Sail and check what kind of work they are doing. It is also impossible for any school to guarantee anyone a career.

For profit schools are businesses, each competing to offer the best product they can while maintaining a profit. But did Full Sail really do anything wrong by alledgedly fudging the numbers of graduates that they probably can't even find?

I would consider you ignorant if you believed that Full Sail goes out every year to hunt down every graduate/alumni to see how they are doing. That is almost an impossible task considering Full Sail opened its doors so long ago.

I am glad to be of help to you. I am just sorry and feel it's unfortunate that you will choose your education product based on which school most accurately reports how other people (Who matter little to you) are doing in their careers.

Good Luck to you,


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