Headed for Full Sail University

by Stefon Whitaker
(Angola, IN)

I really appreciate this article! Im about to graduate in a week and i plan on going to Full Sail in August.

I'm going for film as well and plan on becoming a film director. I've heard many different things and I've gotten some pretty positive stuff and negative stuff, but my mind has been set on this place and i really don't know why.

I live in Indiana and there is no school that can send me into the film industry the right way as Full Sail would. Indiana is not a popular place for film. I wanted to go to Cali, but that would be a very expensive and too far away from home.

Same for Florida but the school caught my attention quick and i really just stuck with the decision of becoming a student here.

All your info really helped me clear my negatives and also gives me a heads up of what to expect from this place.

I wish you would've give some information on the masters degree for Film Production because i plan to take that to after my Bachelor's, because i believe that will expose me more to the Film Industry and give more of a nod to the Directing and Producing part of it.

I'm excited to go here and i'm ready for all the steps ahead to accomplish my dream!

Thank You.

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