Happy at Full Sail University

by Damien H.

All you need to get into Full Sail is a pulse and a check-book.

That being said, I understand now why it is such an acclaimed school. The Focus here is on relatable criteria and a challenging work environment.

Full Sail provides the tools necessary to become a part of the media industry, not an automatic pass. I currently study Game Design and am moving into Game Development. I don't expect Full Sail to plant me in a high profile team so I am working now to compile an amazing portfolio.

I may even publish a game before I graduate. They are simply providing me with the knowledge and tools to make that happen. I am a very satisfied "customer", as is anyone who FULLY takes advantage of a good "product".


Reply from TheBestFilmSchools.com

That is basically it. If given the chance to pick up a camera and use some high-end equipment to practice on then the first step to learning is picking up the tools of your trade.

If the tools and facilities are dated and used then you will learn more of the art of camera repair than of its use. That is how I look at Full Sail. They are expensive because the teachers are well paid and their back-lot is state-of-the-art.

If you can't learn using the state of the art tools then you really can't learn at all. Perhaps they are uninterested or lazy but some do end up in Starbucks.

I am just of the belief that they made their own bed. Can you really expect Full Sail to guarantee work to everyone? That would be impossible because some people choose self-destruction over career advancement.

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