Graduated Top of my class, still no job

I was Valedictorian of my class at Full Sail, so one could hardly call me lazy or that I didn't "put into" my education. I went out of my way to do the best I could.

Before I go into all that, a little info about myself. I had two degrees by time I went to Full Sail but still couldn't make it as a 2d artist on my own and had to have the "day job".

But more than anything I wanted to be a 3d Artist. I researched for a few years before settling on Full Sail because after two degrees, I didn't want to be in school again for another four years. I wanted it over quickly.

The classes were fine but they focused too heavily on an area of the industry I was not interested in, so I didn't get thorough training for what I wanted to do, and had to work to pay bills so couldn't study outside of school. That's not what yo go to school for anyroad.

The last four months of the degree is called portfolio and that's when we, as the name suggests, create out portfolio for employers. The director of my disciplines wife had a baby right before we got to portfolio and full sail had no one to replace him.

We were left without an instructor or direction for those four months. Needless to say, our portfolios were awful. They do not hire enough teachers to cover things like this, so that they can pocket the most money. Where do they have the most employees? In the call centre for students to talk to to convince them to come.

After all that I was top of my class and was happy to be graduated despite the lack of education I was really starting to feel I had. I did not get my moneys worth.

Now a year later I still have no job, no calls from any of the companies I contact and on the rare occasion I do get an email they say my work is just not up to par.

Full Sail has great instructors, but many of them know 75% of the people there are going to die under crippling debt through no fault of their own other than wanting to have a job they actually enjoy.

As much as full sail was a great experience, if I could take it back I would and just learn all of it online since I'll never get into the industry anyroad.

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