Full Scam:

by Elazer

Hey - as a Full Scam graduate from the film program, I have a question: Why is it that most of the "happy" reviews are all from current students or students who are planning to attend? The school is impressive, after all... until you try to find a real job that pays the rent and also allows that $400 a month loan repayment bill. If it's such an amazing opportunity to launch your career, why are there not an overwhelming number of satisfied students who talk about how much money they are now making?

Next question: Why do all of the Full Scam supporters repeat the same lines "You get what you put into it!" as if they were a brainwashed zombie army? (I know why: Because the instructors repeat this saying throughout every lesson.)This is not a school for independent, free-thought, but rather, a money-making machine for those at the top who dispense brainwashing with all the skill and zest of a religious cult.

Final question: Why is every complaint always met with the same response - "Lazy students who didn't want to work hard and expected a job to be handed to them." Really? Well I graduated at the top of my class. I immediately moved to Chicago just as the city was welcoming filmmakers (Batman, anyone?) and then worked three jobs (Blockbuster Video, Art Gallery sales, waiting tables) while trying to set up and go on interviews in the film industry. I worked for free a couple of times on independent short films and commercials, but I never earned a dime. Maybe I just wasn't smart/cool/skilled enough... of course, I am now a radio personality on the #1 rated radio station that reaching 13 counties in my home state... but I guess that's what I get for being so LAZY!

Final thought: Not one single person in my graduating class is now working in the film industry. Not ONE. So ALL of us were lazy know-nothings that couldn't make it in the real world? And if you believe that, then Full Scam still has a problem: Why does it attract a student body that has no ambition, no intelligence, and zero willingness to work hard? If that is the case, why would YOU ever go there?

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