Full Sail's Quality of Education

I'm not here to debate the price of the school, or the placement rates, but I do have a serious issue with the quality of the education. It's less than lacking.

The former course director of their film program has no real background in the industry and now he left to go to LA & is asking his old students to get him production assistant jobs!

He blogs about his unpreparedness – he’s also begging his students for money to stay in LA on www.gofundme.com/jasonblanchard. These are the level of people you’re spending your education dollars on!

It's a shame that so many kids have been suckered in by people like this, unqualified to teach under any reasonable circumstances as they are.

On his “resume” it clearly says he designed their film program. It’s so sad to see so many grads leave this school, and go to LA (many of whom I’ve employed) only to realize what they were taught was pure bunk.

This is an actual first lecture taught to these poor students by Jason Blanchard. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oW0qg0CcbJs He uses the “F” word multiple times and gives the worst advice I’ve EVER heard. USC, NYU… no one would ever DARE to say these kinds of stupid things.

Maybe he should check his ego at the AZ/CA border, because as he says in the video “there should be no egos in film school, you all suck equally”.

I can only urge potential students to get real industry experience or go to a reputable film program. Don’t waste your money on education from instructors who have nothing to offer you.


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Ah, Jason Blanchard. It wouldn't surprise me if you were him. Posting links to his donation site and his blog and podcast are great for his exposure and something he would do without hesitation.

He loves to hear the sound of his own voice. When I first met him, he reminded me of a used car salesman. He always had a pitch and that was usually the extend of his conversational skills.

Your point is mute because of one simple fact. He is the former Associate Course Director (Producing Independent Film) at Full Sail University.


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