Full Sail's Online Degrees?

by Gummi
(Brooklyn, Ny)

it seems that a lot of your information is based on their facilities and hands on approach. But if i'm looking into their online degree, none of that matters. i read in a couple of places that the courses are basically links to youtube videos and such. so even if it is not a scam, per se, is the education worth the price????


Reply from TheBestFilmSchools.com

Most of the Online programs were just getting started when we originally did all our research and did our "Film School Round Trip" in a camper.

It is very difficult to make an accurate judgement on Full Sail's Online Platform when it is so difficult for me to get a hold of the online course outline and test out the "Mentoring" that is part of the online experience. I have interacted and even interviewed 12 people who went through the online classes. Only 3 were harsh in their criticism and yet the sample size was too small to be any use.

I have always believed that most online courses are no better than what Udemy.com or Lynda.com can offer. The only wildcard is the "Mentoring". At Full Sail you will get access to a teacher who can help you when you get stuck. I always recommend that people try the Udemy VFX 101 class before they enroll in ANYTHING ... https://www.udemy.com/introtovfx/

Online courses keep you separate from the people who share your interest. A big reason to attend the classes is the lifelong friendships or collaborations that you will make.

I will ask Full Sail for sample classes to judge their online platform, but then they will just send me their best stuff and offer extra access to a teacher.

I'll keep looking.


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