Full Sail-Certified VA Yellow Ribbon School

(Middleburg, FL USA)

As a veteran with my post 9/11 GI bill, I knew that there was no way I could afford Full Sail University. I called for information about it and got a call back from not only a counselor from the school, but a veteran like me. Not only are they approved for post 9/11 GI bill, they are also approved for the yellow ribbon program! What this means is the GI bill will cover its yearly cap, (about $18,000) and the VA and the university will split the difference in cost.

That says a lot about an institution but what speaks volumes is the fact that this particular school is a private university. It's no big secret that the current government is no big fan of private institutions, but this one stands in spite of that. You don’t get Yellow Ribbon certification from the VA until you have been thoroughly checked out!

Long story short, these guys have been certified as a VA Yellow Ribbon school for quite a while and I don't think they got there by ripping people off. And they definitely wouldn't be there now if this was the case!


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You learn something new everyday. I did not know that Full Sail had VA Yellow Ribbon certification. Then again, I was never in need of convincing when it came to the Full Sail Scam Rumors.

Full Sail may be guilty of a lot of things that seem unfair but they certainly do not run a scam.

Thank you for educating me and any other Veterans that will read this. As you said, this is an expensive school and having 50% of your tuition cut out is a huge difference-maker for those unable to pay the tuition {or maybe would rather buy a house!).

Best of luck and thank you for your service.


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