Full Sail University Tuition in a Comparison / Showdown

Full Sail University Tuition Costs are put to the test in this tuition comparison with the University of DeVry.

The focus will be on Full Sail University and how competitive its tuition costs are. We thought it would be more interesting if we did a tuition comparison 'showdown' so you get an idea of 'what else' is available for the same or less in tuition Fees.

Niether of these Schools are considered affordable Universities. You get what you pay for whether you're at school or fishing in the Mekong River. We just wanted to compare 2 schools in the same Price Range.

We chose to use The University Of Devry tuition fees for our comparison because they offer a 4 year traditional 'Regionally Accredited' curriculum.

The courses can never be exactly the same so it's up to you if you want to wade more deeply into the content of the courses. We'll give you all the links to that kind of information as we go.

Full Sail National Accreditation Vs Devry's Regional Accreditation

The University of DeVry is Regionally Accredited while Full Sail University is Nationally Accredited.

If there were 2 courses that were Identical at both Full Sail University and DeVry University then I would choose DeVry University every time, especially for the online and distance learning courses.

That's simply because a Regionally Accredited Degree holds more value than a Nationally Accredited Degree in the eyes of both employers and other Educational Institutions.

But If 3D Animation and Film production were my field of choice, I wanted practical experience, and wasn't interested in trying to transfer credit to another school, I would choose Full Sail University without regret.

See our 'What is Accreditation?' page to learn more about Accreditation and why this aspect of DeVry University makes it a more attractive option for some people.

The Tale Of The Tapes

In one corner we have ...

While focusing on how to design games, this program addresses the societal and cultural impact of electronic gaming by evaluating the psychological, sociological, and anthropological effects of the games.

(Knowledge modern day Gaming advertisers can't live without.)

The course calls for the completion of 123 credit hours of study. At $463USD per credit hour, you will need to spend $56,949USD of Full Sail University tuition to acquire a Game Design Bachelors Degree from Full Sail University.

Prepare yourself. The online course in Digital Cinematography costs $498 per credit hour. A Bachelor's Degree requires 124.5 Credit Hours.

That's $62,001 USD.

These figures were obtained directly from the Full Sail's Website as examples of Full Sail University Tuition.

Master the coding languages, visual design principles, and software methods used in the development of video games, crime scene reconstructions, corporate training software, and more.

The course calls for the completion of 127 credit hours of study to acquire a Bachelor's Degree in Game Design from the University of DeVry. At $360.71 USD per credit hour, that's $47,210USD

These figures were obtained directly from the University of DeVry Online Program's Website.

Make sure to select Online Studies from the drop down menu.

To some we may be comparing apples to oranges. Niether school offers an online Bachelor's Degree program in Film because it's logistically impossible. It really makes no difference, though. We're focusing on cost per credit hour on 2 courses that remain similar in duration and structure of content.

The cost per credit hour is much higher at Full Sail University in almost every case.

Like I said before, write down the tough questions you need answered and then call. Keep the length of the call down unless you want them phoning you back and sending flyers to your door.

Based on the comparison, it might seem that the Full Sail University tuition fees are much higher.

You'd be right. Up to a point.

Based on those calculations, Full Sail University Tuition fees boil down to $463USD per credit hour. Devry University comes in at $360.71USD per credit hour, which is significantly lower.

Until you realize that it might take 4 years at Devry and just 2 at Full Sail to accomplish your goals.

You'll have to use the numbers only as fair ground counterpoint because there are so many variables, including the exact choice of the trainig you want.

The final tuition for any school includes many more variables than just cost per credit hour. Living expenses, books, supplies, and even transportation costs can play a more important role than even the tuition fees to your final cost.

New 2011-2012 tuition fees have risen at both schools. Devry has raised their fees nearly 50% more than did much of their competition, closing what looked like a large gap in per hour credit fees.

Strictly the Numbers


The above comparison is of available online courses at both schools. They offered the strongest similarities and removed a major variable from the equation.

Having to get to class. This may sound easy if you live near the school but if you don't even live in a neighboring State then the cost of attending the school rises considerably.

How much would it cost you to get up and move away from home?

There is no online filmaking courses that I would recommend or even mention here. Some major schools are collaborating on such a course in the very near future, though.

What you Get for Your Full Sail University Tuition


All of the books you'll need are included in The Full Sail University tuition costs but DeVry University charges up to $300USD for books each semester. It seemed like a nice thing for Full Sail University and I gave it a short lived lead over DeVry University.

Short lived because I ended up finding most of our Son's books at half the price of the books at the campus Bookstore. We used a website called eCampus.com and found most of the materials he needed.

The Painful LaunchBox Program at Full Sail University


Students At Full Sail University incur an automatic, additional fee (Separate from Your Full Sail University Tuition) for the primary component of Project LaunchBox.

The Program provides students with a laptop computer and media creation software at a deep institutional discount.

Deep institutional discount? I doubt it and I don't like the fact that students have no choice but to purchase the laptop and Pre-loaded software without the opportunity to choose for themselves, use their own laptops and install their own software.

This fee needs to be added to the Full Sail University Tuition costs.

Some of their film making programs at Full Sail University are as good as they get anywhere because they allow students access to some of the most sophisticated tools anywhere.

It is not pricey if you take the Film classes on Campus at Full sail University. The amount and caliber of time and experience you'll get using industry standard tools might Justify the price alone.

I Can't say the same thing for an online accounting course. The cost of doing an online class at Full Sail is too high in our opinion. That may change as Full Sail constantly icreases its experience with online Programs

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