Full Sail University Graphic Design Program

by Amber

I currently live in Utah and I'm looking to take Full Sail University's Graphic Design program. I talked with an Admission's adviser and was so excited to start.

Then I talked with a friend at work and he had asked me if I did some reviews on the school. Some of the reviews did scare me. I still want to stick with Full Sail.

I was wondering if you could help me figure out which school would be best for me. I do want a great Online School that will let me transfer my credits to a different state if I decide to move back to my hometown in California.

Would you suggest Full Sail, if not what would be your top 3 online schools for Graphic Design.


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Hello, Amber. I lost your post somewhere in the mix. Apologies. You're probably in school by now.

Full Sail University's Online Graphic Design Program

You said,

"Help me figure out which school would be best for me. I want a great Online School that will let me transfer my credits to a different State if I decide to move back to my hometown in California.."

I wish I knew what type of education you wanted to pursue and what school you plan to attend after completing the Full Sail University graphic design program.

I could answer your questions more quickly and accurately.

Based on what you have told me, I would not recommend Full Sail University. Three reasons for that.

The First Reason

Full Sail University is Nationally Accredited. There are limitations (Sometimes insurmountable) on transferring credits from a Nationally Accredited school to a Regionally Accredited Institution.

Learn about the difference between National and Regional Accreditation.

I recommend that you decide what school you plan to transfer your credits to before you do your Online Graphic Design Class at Full Sail University.

The Second Reason

Degrees that are earned online are not as well received as those earned on-campus. Employers sometimes pause when they hear the word 'Online' mentioned in the same sentence as 'Educational Background'.

It's a silly Stigma but it exists nonetheless.

It's actually more challenging to complete an Online Graphic Design Class than to complete the On-Campus version. You need to be a highly self-sufficient, self-motivated and driven in order to complete the course online.

You don't have the luxury of a strict schedule, a class full of students to form future contacts with or a teacher present at all times to talk you through it and motivate you.

The Third Reason

Full Sail has a great deal of experience instructing students about the many fields associated with the production process of a film. Their facilities 'on-campus' rival those of any other film school I know of.

The Online Graphic Design Course wasn't offered until early 2010. I don't rank the Online Programs at Full Sail University very highly. They lack experience.

The Online learning platform they use was acquired from a school that they currently Partner with. It is both gorgeous and effective. It gives students more access to help and guidance than any other Online Environment before it.

The platform isn't the problem with Full Sail's Online Courses. The school simply lacks the experience and pedigree for the prices that they charge.

Full Sail began its first Online Course in 2007. They offered just one course at that time. It has slowly grown in size and scope ever since, with the Graphic Design Course making its debut in early 2010.

Many schools arrived online around the same time. The difference is that many other schools had been teaching these classes On-Campus for years and years before adopting an online version.

Full Sail did not.

Full Sail added the Grapic Design Course (Along with others) to their Curriculum in order to qualify for University status. They were granted University Status on March 28th, 2008.

Top List Header

My top 2 Recommendations

I won't give you the 'top 2 Schools'. Choosing a school is so subjective and would vary from person to person even if their focus is identical.

I recommend

That you consider a Top Level Local Community College. You can find one that is both Regionally Accredited and half the cost of the Online Full Sail Course.

You'll save a fortune and your credits will be more easily transferred to a wider variety of other schools.

Choose a school with a long history of teaching Graphic Design. Call The National Education Online Center (NEOC) for a list of schools that best suit your needs and your pocket book.

Ask them for information on Community Colleges. Tell them exactly what you want and they'll give you a list of every school that matches your needs. They will steer you to an Online Graphic Design Program that best suits your needs.

You'll also save a fortune.

National Education Online Center

Psssst... The Savannah College of Art and Design offers a better online Graphics Design Program than Full Sail does. I don't know if your grades are good enough to qualify so that is just a humble opinion.

You really need that Regional Accreditation if you want to pursue a Masters Degree at a different institution.


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