Full Sail University Gives False Hopes

by C

I have been going to Full Sail for 2 years, I started in Web Design and found out that all the material was a review for me because I have been making websites for 5 years and the 50K tuition wasn't worth a review for 2 years.

The teachers are all supposedly "industry" people; there is no way someone in the industry would come teach here.

I switched to Entertainment Business and had a near death hospitalization, left the hospital against the docs will, was 1 hour late to my final quiz in the class with a note from the doc saying I am risking death to be there and they failed me and told me I could not take the test and had to pay more money to take it again.

Recently I am in the online program now working in Los Angeles and have a very successful music business; I have learned they are full of crap when they tell you about the so called "industry". What do they know they live in FL.?

My final month was 2 months ago which I had to re-do and repay for because of no joke "unintentional self plagiarism". They said I was not allowed to look back on my own past notes for a new assignment and was therefore made to repay and retake the class. A bunch of crap and I saw so many kids fail out of that school.

Good Luck if anything shadows their marketing department, they have one of the best marketing departments for a school.




Reply from TheBestFilmSchools.com

There really isn't anything left to say to you C. I do know that Full Sail allows you to take a failed class over without any cost to you. It may be that they allow this just a single time but it is very generous.

I have just one thing to say. I can pass along the advice of the possessor of the secret to riches. He said,

'Learn what you can at school, especially the little things that make you functional on a set and not a useless stand about on your first day'.

After Graduation, use brains and motivation to work your way into a sweet job that you can headline your resume with and brag about. It's really tough to make a living at Film for a very good reason.

You have to make sacrifices and work so hard that you will think about quitting every day. Some quit and others bite their lip and muddle along.

Guess which is the successful crowd?

Why did you go to a film school to take Web Design? After switching classes to Entertainment Business, you went to LA and have a very successful music business now.

That sounds like an advertisement for the school, not an insult to it. You are living proof that Full Sail taught what you needed to know and obviously well enough to allow you to open your own successful music business.

You also said they have the best Marketing Department for a school. What school? This is a business and its product is education.

If you can't find a way to learn something at Full Sail then I doubt you can anywhere. I am not saying it is the best school in the world.

In fact I get a bit upset when I get a post or letter or email from a person who was taken advantage of. Then I remember that full Sail is a business and sharks swim in the business world and eat the ill-prepared and the lazy.

I hope you do well, C. Full Sail is a for-profit school that wants to make money. Your cell phone company practices worse business than Full Sail does.

As long as there are lazy people and blame-casters in the world, Full Sail will thrive. If people start taking a more active role in their search for the right school for them then they will be more successful.

How about your music business? Ever made a buck by inflating people's optimism about their abilities?

You will.

Sorry if I have been rude, C. I don't have a bleeding heart for people who don't take responsibility for themselves.

When I researched Full Sail I found many bizarre stories but I also found a whole group of people who regard the facilities at Full Sail to be fantastic and the school to be a very good vehicle to the film industry.

But whiners whine and workers work on without the time to post to sites like this because they have already graduated, moved onto a career and that was all on them.

If you blame a school for your failures do you not owe it praise when you succeed?

Do you think Full Sail deserves any credit for your successful music business?

Full Sail University is not for everyone. My son has passed on them because he wants to be in a better location where jobs are more abundant.

At least you didn't die at Full Sail, C. Then I would get emails blaming the school for rusty water pipes!


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