Full Sail University Fake Promises

by Margaret Smolcnop
(Binghamton, N.Y.)

My son went to school at Full Sail University with the promise of 90% chance of getting a job and how they help you get a job.

Well 2 years later no job but a $120,000.00 loan.

I find they offer a lot of fake promises. He has an education that is not worth anything because even the Navy does not acknowledge his degree.

Normally, if you go to college and join the military you go in as an officer, well not with a Full Sail degree.

My son tells me of all the people that graduated with him only 3 have a job in Animation, so much for having a great job that they promise you will have when you complete school.

Also beware of the parent plus loans they talk you into taking out a loan that you would not normally Qualify for but, with the promise that your child will make enough money that it won't be a problem to pay.

I did not make enough money to qualify for this loan, but somehow they managed to get me qualified.

They pushed me into feeling guilty. If I did not help my son with this loan that he would not be able to get a fixed rate and there for have a variable rate that could go up to 17%.

Well, I took on the loan even though I knew it would be hard on me if things didn't work out.

Well, here we are two years later and my son is enlisting in the Army because he can't find a job in animation, so he can help with this outrageous loan.

Unfortunately, I can't afford to pay it. The school and ACS qualified me for a loan that they fully knew I could not pay.

So parents beware. Some Schools will say anything to get you to sign for this loan. I have learned the hard way and so has my son. Full Sail promises the world but delivers nothing.


Response from TheBestFilmSchools.com

Wow. First off ... I am deeply sorry. It's a helpless feeling when you have such debt looming over you. I hope you find a way to fight through this and live happily despite all this.

There may be a few things I can help you with, so stick with me for a few. I may also say a few things that could upset you. I apologize for that but I hope you'll understand that I mean no harm.

It is all about the money and the education system is no different.

I did manage to find some excellent stuff for you which I saved for last.

First, lets get that nasty loan off your back. Many people think that as soon as you have signed your name to the finance papers, there is very little you can do but make the payments.

This is not true.

A student loan is different than a loan for a car or house.

Frankly, I'm getting sick of all the letters I have been getting about schools that seem to be running point for point scams that prey on anyone who is made to feel that their employment future will be guaranteed if they attend said school.

Something you said made me wonder who is to blame for these tactics "I did not make enough money to qualify for this loan, but somehow they managed to get me qualified."


Sounds to me like we should go after ACS. I did a little research on them and there is very little good being said about ASC.

First of all, let's get that huge debt off your back. You will need to apply for what's called a deferment. Below is a summary of what a deferment is.

I took it directly from the ACS website.

General Deferment Information

A borrower is entitled to have the repayment of a loan deferred under certain circumstances. A deferment is a period of time during which the borrower is not required to repay the loan principal.

Interest will not accrue during any type of deferment except a hardship deferment. For loans made on or after July 1, 1993, interest does not accrue during any type of deferment.

From the mouth of ACS themselves.

Student loan issuers have no Strength to get their money back. Unless they find a way to suck the info out of your son's brain.

A student loan holder (ACS) cannot come after ANY of your assets. They might lie to you on the phone and threaten to take you back porch but they have no power at all.

I love student loans.

Now that you know what a Deferment is, go get it. You are in control now.

First, Get the forms. Once you have downloaded them from the ACS website, fill them out but don't tell any lies. You won't need to and you will certainly qualify.

This is a recession, isn't it.

Send the forms back and that loan can be forgotten for up to ten years or until your son gets a full time job in the industry. Hope that helps and gives you some piece of mind.

Now for the fun part.

I actually agree that people often choose a school too lightly and without doing any research besides what the school tells and shows them. This is a costly mistake.

People sign on the dotted line with little or no knowledge about the school or even the finance company that works with the school.

They issue them student loans that can often break the student and their family before they even attend their first workshop.

I mean no ill-will, but if you were unaware that Full Sail Is A Nationally Accredited Institution, you are partly to blame.

National Accreditation is like a trade school. No credits from Full Sail University are accepted by ANY traditional Educational institution on the planet. You needed to be more vigilant.

Your Son Not Being Able To Get Into The Navy Is Due To Accreditation. Even the army does not accept National Accreditation. They accept Regional accreditation only, as well as every other school.

You have been very critical of Full Sail University.

Here are some of the best Animation companies in your area. To be honest, I am starting to wonder if you are pointing the finger a little too much at Full Sail.

Education is a business. But this business is going corrupt and people are being talked out of their life savings by people who study you before you even set foot on the campus. That way they can best prepare their sales pitch.

They are a business and I wonder how much pressure ACS puts on Full Sail to get enrollment figures up. Thus the outrageous sales pitch that practically guarantees you a job.

Turn the page, Margaret. I have done a lot of research on Full Sail University. I can tell you that you have not given your money away.

Your son might be in a better position to get work than you think.

You have to get your son to where the work is. He cannot easily get a job in Orlando so I say ship him off to Vancouver, Canada.

I have spoken with a few friends who work in the film industry here and Full Sail University graduates are quite well respected.

Your son has learned some very specialized skills and he needs to immerse himself in the field. I was told by a very good source that Full Sail University is known for allowing their students access and use of some of the most modern equipment of any animation studio anywhere.

I tell you that knowing that your story is not uncommon and is, in fact, growing at a phenomenal rate. That's how I hope this website will help people in the future really get at the truth.

Choosing the wrong school can spoil almost an entire lifetime. But definitely not all of it.

Good Luck to Everyone

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