Full Sail Tuition is Cheap

by Mike
(New Hampshire)

Hi, I'm Mike. I'm looking very strongly towards Full Sail. What I can't seem to wrap my head around is, why do people constantly call Full Sail an expensive school?

There are so many schools that cost way more for a bachelors of film. Granted, Full Sail and these other schools have much different times of completion for a degree.

Example: USC School of Cinematic Arts which is commonly recognized as the #1 Film School in the U.S.

$45,602 Tuition
761 Mandatory fees
12,902 Room and board
1,500 Books and supplies
900 Personal and miscellaneous
580 Transportation

$62,245 Total (add $350 USC Orientation Fee for your first semester)

That's your first year. Now, lets cut the costs Full Sail does not include in their total like, Room & Board, personal, and transportation.

$47,853 total for first year.
If we times that by four (regular schedule for a bachelors)

Full Sail (comparing the new total w/o whatever FSU does not include, also for entire degree)
$191,492 (USC)
$188,888 (NYU)
$146,600 (Emerson College)(just tuition)

I just don't get it. plus, most of these highly regarded schools spend their time on theory.

Full Sail University is the scam???

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