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Feb 23, 2015
Full Sail Cost Comparison
by: Philip

You are doing a mathematical comparison to the top 3 universities in the country.

Full Sail is only 2 years versus the 4 you would do at a Regionally accredited University such as the ones you have mentioned.

Full Sail does not include these fees either.

761 Mandatory fees
12,902 Room and board
1,500 Books and supplies
900 Personal and miscellaneous
580 Transportation

So, add that to the total Full Sail cost and they are not that far apart. Again, you are comparing to the best Film Schools in the country.

In the end, all that matters is the worth of the piece of paper you get awarded at graduation AND the skills you've aquired. A degree from USC is worth 25x what a degree from Full Sail is worth in the eyes of future employers.

And comparing USC to Full Sail is impossible. Most currently attending Full Sail wouldn't even qualify to enrol at USC.

That's the gap that Full sail fills. And to say that theory is unimportant is to ignore what great filmakers have done in the past.

The study of the craft is very important and defines the difference between a guy who can operate a camera and those who can create a technical masterpiece.

Full Sail isn't all bad. Some bright, successful people have come out of their program.

But, your point is well taken.


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