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Feb 09, 2014
Sallie Mae Doesn't Have Your Best Interests at Heart
by: Ryan

Full Sail takes the money for your full term of your degree. You pay in full at the begining. So I paid for 20 classes in the game design program and only attend 4 before I switched degree programs.

I also went through all the proper channels to switch my degree program. I was stating that they never returned the remainder of my money for the classes I do not attend. Expensive or not 5 classes do not cost 30k.

I know the interest rate being variable is my own fault. I take full responsibility for that. I was a naive 19 yr old kid and I just feel the advisor should have done more to explain the terms of the agreement.

You are correct though, I should have read every kin of that contract.


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I hate that you have to admit that it was your own fault, but it was. It's a sad fact but no one in this world of consumerism is acting with your best interests at heart.

Hopefully, someone will read this and benefit from what's turned into a very helpful post. I thank you for sharing.

The $30,000 is another story. I've spoken with quite a few people about your situation and they all agree that you should seek legal help. We also think we know why you haven't been refunded at least a pro-rated amount of the extra 30K you paid.

But we don't know enough of your circumstances to lend you anything but conjecture. You should be in a position to know more than us. You should have been invoiced and must have signed some sort of legally binding contract.

It also seems odd that you have not gone and hired a lawyer or sought legal advice, yet.

At the very least, File a Complaint with the Consumer Finance Bureau. This is an official website of the United States Government and is the only one I've ever personally got results from.


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