Full Sail Reputation Ruined by Whiners

The Full Sail University gives the students the tools to start building their dreams. Even when there are very big ego's here, I gotta hand it to you guys for ruining the reputation of a school for your failure.

Not trying to start a fight, but I don't like whiners that can't have it their way. The school's catolog clearly states that they give their students opportunities not 'we guarantee once your out of here you have the job'.

You might wanna have a reality check, folks. Read the catalog carefully, maybe you can find out some information that can be relevant even to this website. Even when they say it's hard to find jobs in the animation / film fields but hey! No one said it was going to be easy.

Dedication, my friends, is the best tool this school gives.


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I agree that many people enter Full Sail with irrational expectations. They are usually the ones that feel entitled and want everything handed to them without having to sacrifice for it.

I agree that Full Sail's reputation has been tarnished by people who expected the world to be given to them but met with stark reality upon graduation. They account for the majority of online hatred and discontent.

I have heard all the excuses and most should not have registered with Full Sail in the first place.

But ... Full Sail could do more to explain what is truely required to succeed in the film industry. Instead, they focus entirely on their own agenda and they have no problem taking money from people that never had the drive, passion and perserverence to succeed in the first place.

But Full Sail is a business. It is not their job to guage the attitude of applicants and turn away the ones that don't have the correct attitude and the required passion. A salesman interested in making a sale emphasizes the strengths of their product and avoids whatever weaknesses it has.

That's reality. It is not Full Sail's responsibility to wake some people from their foolhardy dream that just showing up to class is enough to ensure Hollywood fame.

Full Sail is a a good school but it is not a magic doorway into Hollywood. Full Sail can give you a solid foundation but they cannot teach a strong work ethic, passion and perserverence.

That's on the student, regardless of how little Full Sail does to dispel the foolhardy dreamers from handing over their tuition fees.

It depends on whether you beleive that the 'for profit' Full Sail should better screen their 'Cash wielding' applicants or not.

Thanks for the perspective.


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