Full Sail Overpriced


No. Full Sail operates within legal boundaries. But it's a money making machine being run by folks with little to no integrity.

I enrolled and attended for seven months and am surprised that the school is able to call itself a university.

Admission requirements are a pulse and checkbook .... pulse optional.

Before enrolling at Full Sail last year I obtained a "real" degree from a big ten college. I've got the basics down, you know, stuff like basic math and spelling. Most Full Sail graduates don't. They are the laughing stock of different industries and it would be best for a graduate to not include Full Sail University information on a resume.

This is what the film industry thinks of grads from the film program:

Think twice before enrolling. Then think again and again and again.

Anything that advertises as heavily as Full Sail is probably crap.

Full Sail HAS to give you the hard sell to get you to sign on the dotted line.


Reply from The BestFilmSchools.com

I didn't include the second video that you supplied me because it was just too long.

I also think you have made your point well enough that you don't need any more "Proof". Some people feel that Full Sail University is the "Laughing stock of different industries and it would be best for a graduate to not include Full Sail information on a resume".

That is some pretty harsh criticism. You never made it clear if you were ever a student at Full Sail or not. Either way, there are detractors who seem to blame all their misfortune on Full Sail while others praise it.

I also look through videos, read comments and browse every forum I can on the film school I'm researching at the time. I'm always looking for input from students who attend there because they are they most reliable source of information.

The problem with Full Sail is that the battle between the detractors of the school and those who praise it is not lop-sided. There are huge numbers on both sides of the debate and when the numbers are combined, there is no clear conclusion.

I can find a happy student for every unhappy one you can find. Check out this guy in the video below. He is very frank and forward yet truly believes that he is in the right place attending Full Sail University.

Also, below are 2 quotes taken off the same page where a critic posted a negative video about Full Sail University on YouTube:

I earned my bachelor's in computer animation from Full Sail in Sept 2008. Despite the economy hitting its worst point in the recession in Oct 2008, I still landed a job within 6 months--the average time it takes for new graduates to find employment. Not only did I find a job in a downturned economy, but? I also was hired in Birmingham, Alabama where the computer animation industry is barely existent. To sum it up, I got a job in my industry, in my hometown and in a recession.

My first day of class my professor said "If you want to be rich & famous you should walk out now". I have been out of school for 3 years and I am always the youngest on any set I work. I am not a self proclaimed, I am a working camera operator. Had I not applied what I learned at full sail, including how to act professional i would not be where i am. This school will not hand you a job and this industry will not hand you a job. Best advice I heard was "If you're sweeping floors you better be the best."

There seems to be a common thread that runs through the school's detractors though. They all complain about the same thing. They were not given what they were promised.

Full Sail have many former students who feel they were not given what they were promised and that is where the anger / problem is most fierce. Full Sail seem to have a habit of telling people what they want to hear; that they will be guaranteed a secure future in the industry and when that doesn't actually happen, the $70,000 of student loan debts gets heavy and the anger sets in.

My opinion is that people expect everything to be handed to them when they pay the kind of tuition fees that Full Sail University demands. I still think that getting a good education is the best way to get your foot in the doorway of the film making business but there is no benefit to attending the most expensive school in your State.

Full Sail University is a business that wants to make money. Some say that a Degree from Full Sail is a ticket to a bright future in film, guaranteed for life and without any effort needed. I'm not sure who said that but if you believe it then you give schools too much credit.

It's the hard work, persistence and passion for your art which will fuel your efforts AFTER you graduate and dictate the course of your career, not the school you go to.

Full Sail University is one of the top 5 film schools in the United States. It is also one of the most controversial and one of the most expensive.

You'll graduate with as good an education as you'll get at any other school but it depends on what you do from there that matters most.

Good Luck,


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