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Mar 12, 2011
Full Sail is a diploma mill
by: Nancy Ford

You agreed with my comment about Full Sail not having a person that handles complaints... Full Sail ignores complaints and hopes they go away and most of them do.

Full Sail lies about their placement rates so they can maintain accreditation.

Philip, I've done more research on the school than you have. Full Sail is nothing but a diploma mill.

The graduates that succeed would have succeeded whether they went to Full Sail or not. And many of the other graduates that praise the school are young and don't know any better.

Mar 11, 2011
Full Sail Complaint Deptartment
by: Anonymous

Do you have a name or phone number for Full Sail's complaint department?

They don't have one.


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800.226.7625 or 407.679.6333

Online Education:


Hope this helps. Please try and provide more details because I don't know what has happened or why your tone is so defeated.

You're better off maybe locating a number for ACCSC, their accreditation. They are toast without it.

But do you really feel that you should point all your frustration at a school. It will not help you and they probably won't even listen.

Did you really learn absolutely nothing? Was there no one there you could partner up with on a short? Hope you write back and let us know what is so wrong that you want a complaint Department?


Jan 21, 2011
I Enrolled in the Film Program at Full Sail
by: Anonymous

The admissions department works on commission, or what they might call incentives. The employees in that department have quotas they are required to meet.

No different than any other commission based job. The admissions rep I named in my previous comment has been at Full Sail so long that she has a double digit employee ID number.

I think she mentioned that she was one of the first twenty employees hired at the school. I don't think she would stick around unless she was making some darn good money.

I seem to have neglected to mention that I was in the film program. And yes, the film department has lots of very expensive equipment but most of the time it's under lock and key.


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I have a friend who has worked at Costco wholesale for 26 years at 1,800$ a month. Some people stay in jobs many years for many reasons.

I also keep my expensive equipment under lock and key. It's just common sense so I really don't understand your point.

Have you tried asking for the key? I am sorry if I seem crass but I'm lost in the trees of your point.

Since you mentioned that you attended the film program ... How was it? How are you getting on now? Is work a tough find? Are you still in Orlando?

Wish you well,


Jan 20, 2011
I Attended Full Sail
by: Anonymous

I posted the earlier comment which included a link to the full sail/key grip video.

I attended Full Sail for a seven month enrollment period in 2009/2010. Previous to this, I graduated from a Big Ten university.

My intention was to take only a couple technical classes at Full Sail. The admissions representative that was assigned to me lied and told me it was against Full Sail policy to allow students to enroll in individual classes.

I would be required to enroll as a full time student.

Class time for the creative writing class consisted of four hour labs where the students sat in a dark classroom typing on laptops while the instructor walked up and down the aisles making sure all the students were staying on task and not facebooking.

No teaching, no interaction, no learning. And I'm paying over $2000 for this kind of classroom experience? This is where my issue lies. Students are graduating from this program unable to write at an eighth grade level and they wonder why they can't find jobs.

Full Sail barely provides an education that qualifies someone for a below the line job. The sad fact is that the degree comes with a price tag that includes monthly student loan payments of well over $800/month.

Hard to pay that back on PA wages. So to answer you question, yes, I did go to Full Sail. I speak with firsthand experience.


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Welcome Back,

That's the second time now I've heard that name from the admissions department Full Sail. I can't yet publish her name but I'll keep an eye out for more about this Full Sail Representative.

Then I'll pass it on to Full Sail's complaint department.

Then you were at Full Sail for 7 months. I apologize if I suggested you were misrepresenting but ... this is the internet and many of these schools could one day be affected by what people learn on this website and others like this one.

You already said it. You are paying for the piece of paper you get at the conclusion of the course. The Diploma.

"No teaching, no interaction, no learning", you said. Did the teacher even talk to you? Did you get assignments to finish like other course outlines? How can you have a complete lack of communication with the teacher? I would be asking questions at the school. Hard Questions.

What I don't get is why they would outright LIE to you. They will get caught eventually. I just find it hard to believe that the admissions people are outright lying.

I'll finish with this. If you are taking the Film Program then Full Sail offers one of the best equipped campuses in the country. If you want to learn computer sciences or Creative writing then you're wasting a lot of money.

You'll get good instruction at a local college for a tenth of the cost. Full Sail is for people who want to learn enough to one day contribute on a Film Set by having a job on said film set.


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