Full Sail or Full Sale

I earned my undergrad from George Mason University.

This is a great Blog post, but your misspellings sort of ruin it. If you are trying to make a case, make it; and, it is hard to do that if you are not proofreading your work!

I was considering attending Full Sail for their graduate program in Journalism. I cant find any comments about it. I cant see one professors bio on thier entire website. The entry in Wikipedia for Full Sail is awful too. It seems to me Full Sail need to invest more in public relations then all of the property they own around the school. And on top of that handing out parking tickets like candy bars to kids paying big money for an education. Funny thing I dont see any other comments.



Hi, Christina. Welcome.

Well, I don't know how to answer you. I do appreciate your critique about my post and I will try to use your advice to improve my posts for the future.

I do hope that everything improves for you and more people can live up to your expectations.

You have me confused, Christina.

So I have to ask.

How do you know so much about the quality of the teachers at the Los Angeles Film School?

Or are you just pissed off at someone?

We are not your enemy. If you have a real problem then we are happy to give you what help we can.

Right now though it appears you're in attack mode and you don't know who to lash out at.

Fight back but don't waste your time attacking people that have done you no wrong. Get revenge and get good at what you love.

It is obvious that you are very intelligent and capable of what you want. If you want to get into film then you will encounter negative people with words that can hurt in the form of criticism.

Or so they call it Constructive Criticism. Often it is not constructive. I hope you find what you love and get good at it. You won't do that unless you can put petty people behind you and stay on the path.

Good Luck to you. Write back anytime. Just please don't use names when criticizing people because I can't publish it. I hope you take my reply for what it is. Genuine concern that you feel ripped off.

This book helped me but it was hard to read. I had every "Problem" in the whole book. I recommend it to you.

It told me how I was wasting my time with petty people and petty things instead of putting everything but success in the garbage can.

Best of Luck to you, Christina.


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