Full Sail only a part of the problem

by Jodie Smith
(Santa Rosa CA)

I graduated Full Sail - Bachelor of Science Graphic Design almost 4 years ago. I graduated at the top of my class. I was told by more than one individual representing Full Sail that they offered job placement, career type counseling and life long learning.

I had issue with one class because the course material, the instructor and the department's director was trying to pass off a detailed brief as a proposal, when i questioned them for misleading students, they scheduled a recorded phone conference with me and as i began to point out the facts that proved this over glorified brief that they called formally a proposal, was not a proposal in the real world, the main fact being that dollar amounts and projections are a part of a proposal, a brief is merely the concept, demographic research, and more research, Design thumbnails, ending with 3-5 choices , lots of images etc...

The director stated, "well yes its more of a detailed brief the proposal part comes with the Masters Degree program"

I said,"you are misleading students when they are faced with real world industry standards they will think a proposal is a brief and could cost them a job" I worked in design field for years before I began their degree program, I know what I know.

When I graduated wanting help from their employment councilors, they said they were sorry they had no contacts in California.

The other major flaw I see here, lies with the USGovernment, CREDITS ARE NON TRANSFERABLE to UNIVERSITY, meaning its unrecognized by potential employers, the Department of Education and this question i pose to you is why oh why does our own government, provide info, credibility, money (loans, FASFA) to this type of school, its on the list of credible schools at the FASFA website and one they approved of for loans.

To me it was a complete set up for failure from the beginning. I learned minimally and had fun, the course work was a repeat of what I knew.

There were a few new things about software apps and changing technology, but I paid almost 42k for a a degree on a piece of paper no one recognizes.

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