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Have you checked out their online and how the mobile app education is a scam. It is sad when the guy with the highest grade couldn't get any help and when he complained to the school they first ignored the whole thing. Then they realized the program needed some more thought. Now in the mean time some of the whistle blowers got one of the instructors fired for not helping and playing games with the computer program instructor. Well they were friends and they had the top student take the class with the program instructor who set him up and they kicked him out of the program. Now he is left with a large student loan and unable to provide for his family yes 2 babies. He went to a lawyer and once see saw what they have done she was so upset with the school but said they needed to do a class action lawsuit, which is very hard to do. Oh you might see how they had a 1% success rate in this program. Oh do you know that the school pays money to the Florida government Um sounds a bit fishy. So saying how the school is good for people that can go to any school and do well will do fine. NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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