Full Sail ... Not a Scam at all!

by Anthony

- Tuition High? Yes, but so are other colleges. ALL Books and Equipment needed for class are included in the tuition, which makes it high.

- Promised a job after Grad? No, not many schools provide you with a job. The unemployment rate is still high for College Grads. Our industry is different, that's where your resume and networking comes in. DO YOUR WORK!

- Credits don't transfer? Not for the most part, that's where your research comes in. Full Sail University is different from most schools. The prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston currently ACCEPTS Full Sail University credits.

PEOPLE, DO YOUR RESEARCH!! The majority of the people complaining have either dropped out due to laziness, expected a handout after graduation, or have not done their research before attending this institution.



Great advice. Thank you for the input. I do see both sides of the argument, though. Full Sail can burden people financially for many years, BUT that is up front.

People need to remember what you've said During the Campus Promotion Tours. Full Sail does make too many promises to vulnerable Kids with stars in their eyes.

The answer is and always will be to do your own research before signing up.

Great post, Anthony.


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