Full Sail: No Scam, but Unethical

by Regrets Full Sail Mom
(South FL)

My son graduated from Full Sail with a degree in Recording Arts and Entertainment Business and 4 student loans. He had trouble finding a job in his field.

He got a job at Firehouse Subs, then Guitar Center and now works for an Audio Visual Company. Had to defer payment on the loans several times, and interest compounded each time.

We were not aware how massively these interest payments would add to the debt. He now owes $200,000 in loans. He is only able to make the interest payments.

Is Full Sail a scam? No. Are they unethical? I believe so. My son did get a good education there. Most jobs in his field are low paying jobs.

In addition, the college is glutting the industry with new graduates. They have a graduating class every month.

We don't know what to do to get out from under this massive debt. Try to find out how much your student loans will really cost you in the end. Try to work first to pay cash for college.

We have so many regrets in regard to Full Sail University.

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