Full Sail Lacks Business Relevence

by Alexander Milonas

I've researched this school. I've found mixed responses of success stories. Even if someone claimed to be successful from graduating fullsail university, they didn't sign their name for people to follow the "so called" success after fullsail story in their new career. I found quite a few youtube videos of people claiming to attend online fullsail classes who posted countless class videos before and after graduation. Mostly music production and digital cinematography students. Long story short it didn't seem any of the graduated students had any job offers that were life changing. According to my research fullsail is ridiculously expensive for what they offer and their system is apparently failing a lot of stupid people who just didn't know how to read between the lines. Unfortunately there is no proof anyone who attended online is making a big difference. Only a fool would go to fullsail and spend 60k to 80k for a degree that means jack at accredited schools. They don't teach any of the students the business aspect of the major, people who posted on youtube seem very misguided its very sad. Any of this sites full sail advisers can make up any bullshit to proof I'm wrong, the proof is bold on the web so those of you who read make your own assumptions.

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