Full Sail is What You Make It

by Al
(Orlando, FL, USA)

I am a student preparing to graduate from this school very soon. All I have to say is, I have seen my fair share of the different types of students who come here.

There are those that are straight out of high school, who usually don't understand higher education from a perspective outside of Full Sail; there are those who came here looking to make a fresh start, like me, and to not only learn a new craft, but to hone it in the best way possible; then there are those who are just straight lazy, who go home and play games or go to the bar and get drunk, and usually these people have the worst of it.

They believe they are doing well until the last week or two of the month when they realize everything they have put into their education has gone by the wayside. They speak as if they have a tremendous passion for their field, and yet they put zero effort into the whole picture.

If I have one negative comment about Full Sail, it is that they let anyone in here who has a pulse. There is hardly any selection process or anything equivocal to a portfolio review, so when a student comes in to Full Sail believing they have enough talent, they are misled from day one because they were able to walk in through the front door.

Understandably, Full Sail is a business, and so it becomes hard for them to draw a line as to what is acceptable requirements.

However, despite this fact, those that truly excel and do well in this school are those who spend their own time doing outside research and constantly working with the tools they are given.

It is one thing to say that you sat through a lecture and a lab and that should be enough. Given the accelerated pace of this school, if you aren't looking in other places to find solutions or ideas or even a new workflow, you aren't doing enough for yourself.

This school has been terrific in introducing me to topics related in my industry, and give a very basic understanding of these things. However, to get great, you can't assume that all the answers will come from one source. Sometimes you have to go above and beyond to really stand out among everyone around you.


Reply from TheBestFilmSchools.com

I could not have said it better, AL. So many people are looking for a savior to come along and give them what they want.

You have to (Especially in the Film Industry) chase down that Savior, grab him by the hair and demand your chance.

I just mean to say that film schools are not a guaranteed road to success. They may be the best shot you have at getting into the industry but you have to be more than just an average film grad.

You need to love it. You need to carry on and go after things you love. Most of all you need to make films as if you don't care if anyone sees them.

Thanks for the post, AL. Good luck with the career.

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