Full Sail is GOING DOWN!

by Adrianna
(Orlando, Florida )

Yes. And now there is a lawsuit in process to help students who were preyed on with predatory luring tactics. For example, it's ILLEGAL to put more than three loans under a students name.

It's supposed to be just one for the full amount. I was given three(!) With Interest rates over 6%! Also, it turns out the school is NOT accredited so no transfer of classes for us :(

PLEASE update this website so people will know!!


from thebestfilmschools.com

Update this website? Probably easier if you just read a little further.

If you had read through the comments, you would know that Full Sail posted here with direct contact details as well as a list of some schools that are now accepting Full Sail credits.

I realize that you are angry, but the truth is that all schools promote themselves and market themselves heavily. This is why I tell people that they need to do research before signing on the dotted line.

The internet is littered with information for you about Full Sail but once you sign on the dotted line, there is no going back.

No law suit or seeing Full Sail 'GO DOWN' will make you happy. Getting work Despite feeling wronged is the only way forward.

It is time for you to improve your skills and get work. I believe in Karma, not revenge because revenge will only hurt you and Karma will take care of those who wronged you.

I don't even know what you studied, so I can't help you. I can only hope that you will focus on yourself now and forget about revenge. Today is all you have to build a future, despite everyone.

Best wishes.


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