Full Sail is Expensive but No Scam

by Marty

I am a recent graduate of the Education Media Design & Technology online Masters Program, and without a doubt, Full Sail ranks among the best educational process I have gone through. I am proud to say that I completed the program schedule on time, which was not an easy task. Many of my original classmates did not survive and dropped out by month four of a twelve-month program.

From what I have read regarding this concept of..."Is Full Sail a scam?", it appears just what many individuals have already stated is why there are a "lone few" that believe that the school is a scam. Anyone who fails to do complete and thorough research of any school prior to attending is already off to a bad start, which could possibly explain the complaints that later follow.

Since I graduated from Full Sail, I have had many people tell me that they want to attend. My first question to them is WHY? 90% of the time they respond with an answer that does not quite have a scholarly overtone to it. It just appeared that many of these individuals want to do something "fun" for an education and completely dismiss all real educational implications.

I then ask them how much have they already done in the field/industry they are interested in at Full Sail. Again, 90% of them respond with an answer of - "I haven't done anything, that's why I want to go to Full Sail."

OK, this in my opinion is where I believe the problem begins. To have done nothing in the area they want to study at Full Sail suggests to me that Full Sail is not the place for them.

When you are talking about film, recording, animation, etc., these areas that require some decent prior knowledge and experience in order to have potential success upon graduating from a school like Full Sail.

All technology/equipment such as what Full Sail offers requires daily practice. While an individual may gain some knowledge and fundamentals in the area, the real film companies of the world are looking for highly technical, highly skilled, and not to mention that "It" factor as commonly mentioned in the industry.

While Full Sail is a good school with incredible resources, if you do not already have that innate ability to excel far beyond the norm, attending Full Sail is not going to magically give you that "special gift" that will have film executives recruiting you.

My purpose for attending Full Sail was to gain a much more structured education on things I had already been doing for many years. (i.e. Film and Audio) I went in knowing so much, which was a clear advantage. I really wanted to learn how to integrate all sorts of technology into educational curriculum.

My goal was to get into teaching film and audio recording at the university level. My degree from Full Sail is what ultimately landed me in the teaching position I currently possess, at the college level.

Since technology in education has been at the forefront of many discussions, I have had more job offers in the 8 months than I have ever had in my entire life.

Full Sail worked for me, and is kind of still working. I joined the EMDT Masters Alumni and several other post-grad programs that keep me updated on job opportunities, new technology, research, and so much more.

All I can say is that Full Sail changed my life. I am constantly getting job offers, always being asked to help develop new strategies, and invitation to present at many music technology educators conventions.

Full Sail University was well worth it for me!

Marty Denson, M.Ed., EMDT


Reply from TheBestFilmSchools.com

I like your insights. You make points that everyone should consider before attending Full Sail University.

Then you said;

Full Sail ranks among the best educational process I have gone through.

How many educational processes have you gone through? That statement suggests that you have a reference point for comparing the quality of film school education. Your passion for Full Sail is infective but it is hard to take your advice without a grain of salt.

Full Sail is not for everyone.

You stated;

Anyone who fails to do complete and thorough research of any school prior to attending is already off to a bad start, which could possibly explain the complaints that later follow.

Damn good advice and I agree with your conclusion. The problem is that people have an ingrained belief that an Accredited Educational Institution in the United States can be trusted to serve their students needs before its own. They used to call them Guidance Councilors but they work on commission now.

You must be responsible for your own due diligence, be aware of exactly what area of study you want to focus on and get as good as you can at it.

Then you need to be aware that credits earned at Full Sail are extremely difficult (Nearly Impossible) to transfer. If you desire to pursue a Masters degree at a regionally accredited school then Full Sail is not for you.

We see many complaints claiming that Full Sail misled them. In the end, it is the responsibility of the buyer and not the seller. Because of this, many students have entered Full Sail University with the wrong information and suffered miserably for it.

This is not a policy that serves Full Sail's reputation very well and disillusions many students.

You said;

(You Need) Prior knowledge and experience in order to have potential success upon graduating from a school like Full Sail

This is a very true statement. Please enter Film School only if it is a passion close to your heart (Us Fathers are growing Ulcers).

You won't hear Full Sail recruiters mentioning your point to new intakes. If Full Sail University spent more time informing people what abilities and attributes they needed to be successful then their reputation would soar.

Businesses don't turn clients away. They draw them in by focusing on their positive attributes and by keeping distractions out of the light.

about what students need to possess before paying their tuition fees then there would be fewer people with anything to complain about.

I don't have a problem with Full Sail university. It's inclusion in any discussion about Top Film School discussion because they are a business selling an education that puts graduates on the podium for the Grammy Awards.

Full Sail is not open enough about the harsh realities of what it takes to make it in the business. Some graduates make it big but I often wonder if most could have gained success without any schooling.

Regardless of what school you attend, you need to be vigilant, hard working and willing to persevere the inevitable rejections. You should already have an interest in your major and be willing to do more than anyone else.

Most complaints come about because of the limited transferability of credits earned at Full Sail.

Don't attend Full Sail if you desire to transfer to a Regionally Accredited school. Don't attend Full Sail if you expect the school to hand you a job and don't expect to learn by osmosis.

But if you already have a passion for the art of film making and want to learn on some of the best equipment in the industry then Full Sail is an excellent option.


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