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Apr 16, 2012
Clarification on Full Sail University
by: Marty


Thank you for your response. I appreciate your insight and inclusion additional ideas regarding Full Sail.

To answer your question - "How many educational processes have you gone through?"

I deliberately stated in a fashion as to not specifically suggest those educational processes were directly related to film school processes, but rather the process of being educated in earlier experiences.

Those previous experiences were a 4-year undergraduate educational process, 2-year music technology certification, and a 2-year graphic design & network printing certification.

After going through the Full Sail educational experience, I can easily state that Full Sail was the best educational process. The overall process was better than any that I have experienced.

Full Sail is like most (not all) schools/businesses I know. The objective is clearly to sell a product/service. You certainly don't do well with recruiting by scaring potential clients off.

I could not agree more when you stated;

"Businesses don't turn clients away. They draw them in by focusing on their positive attributes and by keeping distractions out of the light."

You also stated;

"Then you need to be aware that credits earned at Full Sail are extremely difficult (Nearly Impossible) to transfer. If you desire to pursue a Masters degree at a Regionally Accredited school then Full Sail is not for you."

Perhaps I did not go into great detail, but your comment is exactly what I was suggesting in my statement about anyone who fails to do complete and thorough research of any school prior to attending is already off to a bad start, which could possibly explain the complaints that later follow.

Identifying a schools governing accreditation is CRITICAL. I clearly knew all of these facts, and more before I enrolled at Full Sail.

Thanks for your input, Philip.



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Excellent input, Marty. I just wanted to expand on what you were saying and try to fill in the blanks. Thanks for coming back and doing that.

I love when people like you come along and give great advice to readers. Film Schools are popping up like wildfires and it is time people knew to be careful and make darn sure that the school you choose is the right one for you.

Some For-Profit schools are asking for huge fees and are not giving decent quality education in return. There needs to be some way for people to get at the truth and educate themselves before paying $60,000USD for sub-par education.

Thank you for your input and clarifications, Marty. It is people like you that make my day.


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