Full Sail is a Good School

by Terrence Williams
(Wilmington, NC, US)

I personally have not been to the school. I'm currently in the United States Marine Corps and have heard and met several individuals that have and are going to be attending Full Sail University and I am one of them for music though.

But from my research I see no reason that a person in their right mind would even give the allegations against the school a second thought.

So, with that being said I'm glad that this website was made and I especially like the fact that you were honest. I mean if I had a product that I was selling I would try and make it look good as well...once again thanks.


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Hi, Terrence.

The sum of all the posts here (And the many that were deleted) just shows how important it is for students and parents to educate themselves.

What are they getting in return for the time and money that they are giving up in exchange?

Education became a product with profitable margins a very long time ago. It is time people started looking at education the same way they are being sold it; like a product you are purchasing from a business that is selling it.

That isn't all bad news, though. There are schools out there that deliver an excellent product, build a solid reputation and profit by using a win-win formula.

They may charge high tuition but give a quality education and supply their students with cutting edge tools in return. You must always supply the passion and perseverance yourself, though.

Is Full Sail one of those schools? They certainly have some of the best tools and they have invested a respectable amount back into the school as technology has moved forward.

Then we have all the angry people that go out of their way to say that Full Sail doesn't deserve any credit even when they do succeed in whatever their chosen field was.

They are rightfully upset about having to pay for an education that didn't compensate for their lack of commitment and perseverance.

I just don't think anyone should hold a school accountable for their jobs or lack of jobs thereafter.

The School should be responsible for training you as best they can to enter the job market. Some people have a different opinion and should be allowed to express it.

And they do just that.

I thank you for your service in the Forces so that we average people can be free to choose what school we want to attend.

I hope the education you get at Full Sail propels you to strive for the work you want to do.

I hear you Marines can be pretty motivated when you have a goal. That’s 90% of the battle right there.

Good Luck, my Friend.


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