Full Sail Internet Marketing Created to Fail

I have been in Internet Marketing for the better half of a decade. I have been attending for 6 months. Not one class has anything to do with my industry. I intend to start a class action suit against the school so they loose their accreditation for Internet Marketing.

they have a 16% graduation rate for this courses. do you not think that is right. not bogus, I am passing, and have passed every class I have been in so far but it has nothing to do with marketing. Every class has me making videos. Again, not marketing but film. Teachers are a reference point at best, not teachers.


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I hear you. I use video quite often to perform marketing and advertising functions. But that makes up less than 10% of what is known as traditional internet marketing strategies. If they are indeed only focusing on video then that is negligent and their advertising is misleading.

But misleading is not enough to legally have the school lose their Accreditation. Again and again I try to warn people that they need to do their own research before enrolling in ANY class at ANY school. Not just Full Sail. I don't think you have a leg to stand on.

Buyer beware.

Full Sail is a film making school. They slant every field of study to focus on Film. It actually makes sense to me that you would be taught the Video Creation side of internet Marketing by a Film School.

It is a shame that you did not get what you wanted but I guarantee that it is written somewhere that Full Sail engages only the Film side of internet marketing strategy.

Why would a Film School, equipped almost entirely with Film Making equipment, teach anything else? Full Sail is in business to fill seats in their classrooms and will not do anything to talk you out of enrolling. What good would that do for a 'for-profit' business?

Put it down to experience and take all that you can out of it. Then move on and learn from this. I wish you the best.


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