Full Sail Has Unethical Practices

by Will Not Disclose
(City, FL, USA)

Full Sail lied to us about their accreditation. They are "Nationally Accredited", and we were told that. However, they also told us that their degrees and academic credits would be accepted at most major, accredited universities.

That is a lie. In fact, almost any "Regionally Accredited" university (which includes most major universities) will not accept any degree from Full Sail and will not accept most of their credits.

This was confirmed by at least two (2) universities, University of Central Florida and Jacksonville University. Full Sail is about to be sued in federal court for lying to us.


Reply from TheBestFilmSchools.com

What you claim to be a lie is actually the truth. You might call it a manipulation of the truth, but it is not lie.

Most Nationally Accredited schools will accept your credits from Full Sail. No Regionally Accredited school will accept those same credits, though.

But they never said that.

They said, and I quote "they also told us that their degrees and academic credits would be accepted at most major, accredited universities"

That is a true statement. You were told that they are Nationally Accredited and you were told that most other (Nationally Accredited schools) will accept Full Sail's academic Credits.

If you had read about accreditation you would see what I mean.

It doesn't matter now if you are done with your degree. If you want to get your credits transferred to a "Regionally Accredited" school, it is difficult but some credits can be done.

Here is a book on how to do that.

The reason I have spoken to you like this is because I want anyone who reads this to understand how words can sway the uneducated.

I don't mean stupid. I mean educated about exactly what accreditation is and what your options are. In the eyes of the law, you were not lied to.

As far as the lawsuit goes, we did cover it in an earlier post. Feel free to read about and weigh in on anything you'd like.

I hope I helped even if it sounds like I am on Full Sail's side. I am not but they are a significant presence in the film world and people do go on to get dream jobs.

If you want a traditional, 4 year, Regionally accredited degree, Full Sail is not for you. If you want to work with some of the best quality tools and learn by making then Full Sail can help.

They are not cheap. It is a risk to pursue a degree in film. It is more secure to become a dentist.

Some people don't want that, though.

I hope this helps someone, even just a single person.

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