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Sep 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

Its really sad to read this. I would be vey upset also if I had something like this happen to me.
Here is the problem: The word "Accreditation" is supposed to mean something, and when it is dropped you believe you are dealing with an institution that is nationally recognized and accepted among universities for their standards. I don't believe the average person would know that there are different meanings or categories. I would not have thought to ask. I believe this is misrepresentation.
Second.....if Full Sail knows this is a concern then why cant they apply for an accreditation that is accepted with State Universities? Or more importantly, why wouldn't they be accepted?
I looked at Full Sail a couple of times on the internet. I really wanted to go there, but now it does not make any sense to spend any money on college when the job market is so difficult.
People are upset because their degree is not worth the paper it is written on. Maybe they have the knowledge, and hopefully that will get them a job, but if the knowledge (or degree) is not recognized as valid.....
I am really put off by this "you should have known better before forking out $45,000", or this "the school did not (technically) lie." You are paying for the education, but also for the credentials.

"You should have known better?" "Too bad, so sad" doesn't sound like anything I want to deal with.

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