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Matthew Burns
(Los Angeles, CA)

I want to mention that i am a very successful full sail grad who was the 1 of 1000 there that can pay attention take notes and receive a perfect attendance reward.

The school is not what you think at all. Do not expect to use that green room unless you are in digital arts.

Never let anyone know you went to full sail university (does not deserve caps) if you must stick to saying FSU (then they reply with "Oh Florida State, go seminoles!" HIRED. easy way to get out of the mistake.

Its a shamed the degree do not matter any more, the school you went to does, but when you let anyone who wants to come in actually take the program to MAXIMIZE PROFITS, and you cant learn in any class because you have three up to date rap artist from the block rappin in the back of the room about getting all the answers to the test on the flashcard site, you realized its high school all over. Accept you pay for this mistake forever.

You can touch the camera for 5 seconds with a finger, no PALMING it. Ok no scam but a place you really do not want to waste 80,000 (before a highway robbery interest rate) into these evil investors pocket.

They prey on student loans and the young and naive, thats their income. They put all pressure into that reserved seat and then they got you for $40,000.

but since the whole accelerated bachelors in two years, most people figure out the schools bullshit halfway thru, say for instance when you get to your first digital cinema class and your lab instructors taking frequent and disruptive meth breaks. Thats who you're paying 4-6000 dollars a month to teach your kid.

Their money is in numbers, they let as many in as possible and soon you find out (if you have the slightest intelligence) that you are surrounded by the exact opposite people would be there.

I will spare the detail of how nothing will ever get accomplished with a serious attitude. When you are surrounded by people with GED's, missing brain cells and shear ignorance.

attending a 4 hour class given by mister meth head about how he toured with fish and got thrown off the tour for stealing the band members personal stash (so cool dude) and he loves teaching us about the industry today and the awesome lifestyle of 3 packs/day cigs and whatever drug in sight enables them to make MOVIES FOR THE WORLD.

Research the teachers history. Look up the classes. but most importantly save $80,000+ by going to a free film school where your working with the current best storytellers www.vimeo.com and do yourself a favor and ready their story, amazing.

The economy has changed. Do not expect money or it even being worthwhile in the industry no more unless your parents were in first. Otherwise when you are already $40,000 in debt and arrive for your first class ever to see 130 students there with you to eventually discover EVERYONE IS A CAMERA MAN OR DIRECTOR OR EVERYTHING...130x12months 1560 student per year from one school of hundreds in just america for just the FILM program

The teachers got cut and student ratio raised this year so dont expect enthusiastic mentors; except the meth head, he was always going!

Asides from 100's of other facts and stories regarding this money pit I do not have time for just look at the industry, everythings changing. We can shoot a damn good movie from our phone. better yet, save $80,000 and buy a little dslr and some prime lenses and congrats you've made it!

Oh one last thing! after learning the art you adora so much for a highway robbery price, you will soon discover working for free does not pay sallie mae, but you have 130 kids from the month before who just graduated who NEED WORK as well.

maybe you can work 16 hours, drive 4 hours, no meals or expenses for 75-100 but you'll discover even mcdonalds is heaven compared to the hell you walked right into...but the point, i missed. 90% of the job is learning to start form and run your own business.

Protect yourself, your rate, taxes and so on. They do not teach you no business here, you know why (they are afraid you'll understand the numbers and how fucked your getting) Vimeo honest to god is a much better, open, friendly place to learn what you truly want and how to do it start to finish. The last 10% is the creative nothing you do...waiting on lights, or sound...educated yourself and do not make the mistake 80% of grads wish they had not made.

OH BYE THE WAY. FULL SAIL spends about $750,000 a year hunting down every bit of bad rep they have on the internet, so If you see this I will be surprised.

And go thru Florida court documents there are 4 cases in the past 5 years of students suing the school due to not receiving the service promised.

I've printed them for my lawyer and will eventually get the past students thru the forums and figure out just how to nail this class action hard.

We have youtube videos up of the schemy sales tactics used to get you to sign that seat deposit!

Please dont fall for it.

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Feb 23, 2015
Full Sail Does not Control this Site
by: Philip

If you had bothered to read this site, you would know that I have gone so far as to suggest that people might first want to consider other, Cheaper options for Film education.

So, the site is run by me.

You sound very angry and have listed every potential flaw a school of any type could have.

But you lost your objectivity/Credibility when you claimed the teacher was on Methamphetamines. It is possible to find people who are on drugs, but you have no basis for making that claim.

It's too bad that you ruined what was for the most part a pretty informative post. I agree with many of your opinions on Full Sail up until you let your anger show.

If you really are a successful Film Maker, then you wouldn't waste your time trying to buid a class action suit against Full Sail. You wouldn't have the time!

I hope everyone who reads this uses it to highten their awareness and the need to really research a school before enroling.

But the person who wrote this post is extremely angry and anger creates biased opinions. Take him with a grain of salt and never waver from your goal of becoming involved in the film industry.

Worrying about who is on Meth and class action law suits just weakens you.

Full Sail is expensive, you only need a GED to qualify, and their sales pitch and campus are enticing.

Keep reading this site for other opinions and other option.


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