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I went to Full Sail for Game Development. I was hired by a large game company before I even graduated. Software development is a fast-growing industry with well-paying entry-level jobs. Most of the other degrees are not worth it (because there are little to no entry-level jobs in that industry) or not necessary (the jobs don't require an education), but their Game Development program is definitely worth it.


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I agree that the Game Development Program at Full Sail covers the main skill sets employers are currently looking for. That's important because it shows that the school is actively tailoring their programs to what the market is asking for. I know many schools who have not altered their curriculum in years.

That's much of Full Sail's appeal. And a whole other topic.

You are advising people to choose an area of study based on a supply and demand numbers game. That's one way of choosing a Major and it isn't bad advice. But there are another 50 schools that can guarantee work for their top graduates in the Game Dev field long before graduation.

That's how large the demand is for 'Top of the Class' graduates in Game Development.

So, there is no novelty there and Full Sail's Game Development program does not stand head and shoulders above their competition. Full Sail has some strengths that compete with the very best but you just won't find them in their Game development Program.

The tuition fee on a Nationally Accredited Bachelor's degree in Game Development from Full Sail University costs $78,225USD.

It matters little if you land a job before you graduate or not. Entering the job market with more than $78,000USD of debt is not great advice. If money is not a concern for you then Full Sail has a solid Game Development program.

If money is an issue for you, then my advice is to expand your knowledge of the other options out there.


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